October 26, 2016


October REACH closes out this week – On to November and December 2016

October Push by outdoor Home Improvement Companies October is the big push for home improvement businesses of all types before the holidays start to interfere with consumers. This year the presidential elections will also factor in for distracted consumers as they worry about whether their choice will be the person in the White … [Read More...]

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Millennials LOVE coupons

I just watched a video from an online business educational channel called L2inc.com or L2 Business intelligence. The video explained that Millennials seem to love coupons and although they are extremely technically savvy, they are still most likely to use coupons that arrive in the mailbox (snail mail that is). Here is … [Read More...]


Election year advertising blip

Every 4 years during the presidential election cycle there are some blips in how advertising works First TV advertising gets loaded with political adverting With the proliferation of political advertising comes some consumer burn out. Some people just shut off the TV because they don't like seeing and hearing all the political … [Read More...]


There are no advertising panaceas, including networking

Wouldn't it be nice if advertising was as easy as making a selection and purchasing an ad or a networking program and your business suddenly starts getting responses and customers that start purchasing your product or service. Are Networking Programs a panacea? I am finding that for REACH Magazine, networking is not very effective … [Read More...]

January through April is Home Show Season in Dayton

Why are all the home shows in the first months of the year? There are lots of reasons for this. The holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are over. For many consumers there is less to do and they have cabin fever and want to get out and see what is new. Also, for the businesses, they have some time before the busy season starts … [Read More...]

What are engagement and conversions on my website?

First you must have a website Some Dayton area businesses understand how to create engagement and get conversions on their websites. However some people (actually 3 out of 5 small businesses) have no website at all and have no clue what engagement or conversions mean. Is your company or business visible to consumers? If you … [Read More...]

Dayton poised to grow, but is behind larger near by markets

I have clients with offices in both Dayton and Cincinnati They ask me why are we doing better in Cincinnati than we are in Dayton? Here is part of the answer, but with some good news too. CLICK HERE: Dayton Business Journal Expert Analysis At the same time, I explain that Dayton and Cincinnati are very different markets. … [Read More...]


Election year and the cost of TV advertising

There are two things that a bound to happen this year It may affect how you promote your business!  Don't be surprised! Lower viewership because people get sick of all the political ads First there are lots of people who will tune out from their TVs because of all the political ads. Between the primaries and the actual … [Read More...]


Dayton and Cincinnati area REACH Magazines arriving next week

Here is the cover of the upcoming November edition of REACH Magazine for the Dayton area. Local Tie-in with community The cover is a Big tie-in with the Wright State Raiders basketball team on the cover. But, what's inside is what consumers enjoy most. Value from local businesses. Coupons and incentives to take action whether … [Read More...]


Dayton’s B2B Chapter of BNI

Visited Dayton B2B Chapter of BNI this morning. They meet each Friday morning at 7:30am at the Event Connections building at the corner of Woodman and Linden Ave. with over 50 members. The one minute sharing by each member is limited to only 45 seconds so that the time does not get out of hand. People were chit chatting before … [Read More...]


Terms you should know as a business owner in Dayton

Always be open to learning if you want to stay on the cutting edge with your business Every day I read a blog or two that I have subscribed to about business or I listen to a podcast about entrepreneurship. I am always trying to learn what it takes to be a better business owner and sales rep. Here are a couple of words that … [Read More...]


Helping a client have a bigger and better footprint on the internet

Just talked to Allen this morning about his new website.   He sent me this note: Dear Peter, I wanted to thank you for all your help. We have launched our new website, www.nextstepstransitions.com, three weeks ago. We did so because of your strong urging and encouragement. Our old website did not represent … [Read More...]


You could become liable for credit card fraud – Yikes!

When does the new EMV credit card chip technology come online and how will it affect your business? With the new chip technology, if your company does not use a credit card terminal that can read the new chip, you can become financially liable for bogus credit card transactions in your business. HAVE YOU UPGRADED YOUR … [Read More...]


Start up businesses in Dayton and Cincinnati

Today I am working with a small startup business She called me to find out about REACH Magazine advertising, however her business was not appropriate for REACH Magazine because it needed mainly a business to business type of marketing program. Here is what I will be doing for her First I suggested that she will need a website … [Read More...]


In advertising, Christmas and New Years are just around the corner

As a small business in Dayton are you planning in advance for the holidays? One of the first things that I tell a small business owner is to create an advertising calendar with critical times throughout the year. Are there special times when your business needs to be out there in front of consumers. For example, if you are … [Read More...]