REACH Magazine Deadlines for Spring Advertising

REACH Magazine Deadlines

I hate the disappointment that I feel and that the advertiser feels when they say on the phone to me, “I’d like to get into the March REACH magazine” and I have to tell them, “I’m sorry, that REACH Magazine issue date is already on press.”

The Strongest Spending Months

March, April, and May are some of the strongest months for many home related businesses. Landscapers, lawn Mowing Companies, painters, Garden Centers, Mulch. REACH can bring your business front row and center in the homes of your prospects, but NOT if you miss the deadlines. Consumers are ready for winter to be over, they have anticipated tax refunds coming, and they love seeing more daylight in their days.

March REACH – copy deadline – 1/30/17

April REACH – copy deadline – 2/27/17

May – copy deadline – 4/3/17

If you missed the copy deadline, depending on how far, we can jump through some hoops and still get you in, so always call anyway.

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A surprise to many, Businesses are buoyant with optimism

Consumer and Business Optimism in First Quarter 2017

The big surprise of the election of Donald Trump has brought with it consumer and business optimism that many did not expect. Christmas gift buying was up significantly and I would expect that many pent-up desires among consumers will show up this year with major purchases of various home improvements and services for the home in the first quarter of 2017.

Dayton area home show shuffle

This year in Dayton there has been a shuffle of home shows with Hara Arena closing down and the Airport venue being sold. However, even thought the Airport venue was sold, there will be a home show there, it will not however be over two entire weekends, just one.

For businesses with the right sort of staff and products, how shows can be outstanding producers of good leads. It’s important that people who understand how to connect with people man the booths during the shows. From time to time I have seen booths staffed with line employees who don’t make an effort to connect and don’t know how to inspire people about their product or services. Those are the businesses that say, “Home Shows are a waste of time.” Those who know how to do it right say,”Home Shows are a gold mine and high performers for us.”

No More Hara Home Show

In the past the Hara Home Show was first in line in January here in the Dayton market. Even though the numbers of people who come to that show had been going down each year, the home improvement companies who participated in that show frequently told me that it was always a great show for them. It was another example of people reaping the penned up demand from consumers stuck in their homes through the winter months and wanting to get out and get some home improvements taken care of early in the season. I’m sure that the retail “mop” and other retail vendors did very poorly due to the low attendance, but the major home improvement companies many times did better than to be expected mostly due to timing (being the first home show of the season). It will be interesting to see where that penned up demand and early shoppers for major home improvements shows up in the schedule of shows in 2017.

REACH Magazine

Interestingly enough, the product that I work with, REACH Magazine, also does very well in the early spring. Home improvements, home services, restaurants, recreational venues, and so on do very well in the early spring mailings. There are many home owners who never attend homes shows (a good home show will bring in 8-10,000 consumers in early spring). For those home improvement and home services shoppers REACH can bring products right to their home through the powerful mailbox delivery and Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine. We mail 260,000 homes in the Dayton market, far more than the 8-10,000 that show up to homes shows. Many of them are also ready to buy and without one of the home show frustrations that many experience.

Home Show Frustration

One thing that can be very frustrating to businesses who don’t make a strong enough connection at the homes show in the volume of leads and the number of businesses sharing those same consumers. If your company has the sales people who can get out there fairly quickly and close sales, you will do well, but many find that they are the 4th, 6th, or 8th company to come visit a home for a free estimate. Rather than just look for leads at the home shows it can be very important to make a connection with the consumers while at the show and many vendors don’t understand this.

If you think that you could do well at home shows, now is the time to find them and commit. With fewer shows, there may be fewer available booths. You may find it difficult to get in. If you are new to home shows you also have the expense of building or bringing things that will help you make a compelling and engaging opportunity to talk with consumers.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you would like to talk to me about your company and homes shows, I am certainly willing to help you out with ideas. Of course I can also discuss the benefits of REACH Magazine with you if you are invested in hearing more.

Peter DeMott



PS: Here is a project that we had done recently


2017 REACH Magazine Media Kit for Dayton

In Dayton, we mail REACH into the mailboxes of consumers twelve times per year. We have various target areas and ad sizes to meet the needs of just about any business.

When you call and ask for Peter DeMott, here is what you will get:

• First we will discuss your business on the phone and set a time for me to review REACH with you.

• Second, I will do research of your type of business to find other similar businesses that are currently successful in REACH in our other markets so that I have ideas to show you that are currently working for your type of business.

• Third, we will meet in person to go over REACH and how it works, we will discuss your business and review what I found, then we will determine if REACH is a good fit for you and come up with a program to meet your needs.

Here is the media kit for 2017 REACH Magazine in Dayton Ohio.

Media Kit LINK here

Please give me a call to discuss your business and get started with this process:

Peter DeMott



In addition, we now offer SEO, SEM, Banner ads online, Pre-roll commercials online, email marketing and more. I would love to review what you are doing and show you how we can improve your online marketing efforts.

October REACH closes out this week – On to November and December 2016

October Push by outdoor Home Improvement Companies

October is the big push for home improvement businesses of all types before the holidays start to interfere with consumers. This year the presidential elections will also factor in for distracted consumers as they worry about whether their choice will be the person in the White House. Either way, there are a group of consumers that will think “Oh No!” and will be distracted from making large purchases until things settle down for a little while.

Understanding Consumer Behavior

The other thing that happens with outdoor home improvements is that consumers will many times put off calling because of concerns about the winter weather. My roofers tell me that many times they can install roofs right through December, but for me to get the phone ringing in November and December is much more difficult in that category of business. It is much better to push hard in October and have business through the holidays and early winter.

Gift Certificate and Gift Card sales can Make your day

Thanksgiving and Christmas, November and December REACH issues are a great time to sell gift cards for your store, personal services (like salons and message therapists), and restaurants. More than once I have been told that “I had a great Christmas because of the gift certificates or gift cards that I sold through REACH Magazine.” In the past, for example, I was working with a massage therapist who went from half time to full-time after advertising just three times in REACH Magazine.

Experienced representative at REACH Magazine

If you know anything about me, you know that I have been working in direct mail target marketing and with REACH Magazine for over 30 years now. I have a bit of experience and each client starts with a consultation appointment. So you know, that is not just a pushy sales appointment, but a consultation appointment about your business and determination if REACH Magazine would be a good fit for you and your business.

I bring sample ads from other markets and we discuss the results of similar businesses who are using REACH from our other markets. We discuss incentive offers that get the attention of consumers and we discuss your business and how it operates, who are your ideal customers, who is the first touch point for your prospects, how the phones are answered and more. We also discuss R.O.I (return on investment) required for your type of business and what it takes to succeed and grow in today’s competitive environment.

After all that you decide if you want to give REACH a test. Many of my current regular and happy clients have started out with a 3 or 6 mailing test in REACH Magazine. Sometimes after failures in other programs, they have been surprised at what REACH did for their businesses. I have clients that have been with me for 5, 10,20, and even 30 years now. Even those who continue with other programs will many times tell me, “we do that, but REACH produces much more business per dollar spent (R.O.I) than those others.”

That’s enough about me, now tell me about your business. Give me a call so we can meet for a consultation appointment and help your business grow. Peter DeMott – 937-478-6222 Working with REACH Magazine in Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and more.

Millennials LOVE coupons

I just watched a video from an online business educational channel called or L2 Business intelligence.

The video explained that Millennials seem to love coupons and although they are extremely technically savvy, they are still most likely to use coupons that arrive in the mailbox (snail mail that is).

Here is the video for your review: I Hate Millennials

  • 9 out of 10 Millennials USE COUPONS
  • Millennials are most likely to use coupons they receive in the mailbox (the snail mail USPS mailbox)

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.05.50 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.06.48 AM

Just another reason that I won’t be leaving my 30 year career in direct mail coupons with REACH Magazine any time soon.