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February 19, 2017

Using Linkedin effectively

For me Linkedin can be frustating. I want to connect to someone and it won’t let me because I don’t know their email address or I’m not in a group with them. But, Chirs Brogen social networking guru, has some great tips on using Linkin more effectively.

Use Linkedin Effectively, by Chris Brogen

Hope you find it useful and informative.

Some good lists of top 10 things you can do on the internet to get noticed as a small business

I subscribe to several other blogs about social media and internet marketing to feed me good ideas and keep me up to date. Both of these blogs are available as email subscriptions which makes it very easy to keep up.

Mashable is all inclusive and covers everything social media from the iPad and cell phones to YouTube and Facebook. When it arrives in my mailbox it starts with a list of links to each article so that you can scan the list and see what may be interesting to you and go straight to whatever interests you most.

TopRank is a bit more focused on SEO and getting noticed on the internet.

Here are three article links that I found informative and useful:

10 Easy Local SEO & Online Marketing Tips from TopRank


7 Essential SEO Tips for Small Business from TopRank


From Mashable, this is more in depth for the business owner willing to invest more time

10 Small Business Social Marketing Tips


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Facebook growth & Social Media, as a business owner, are you aware?

This is an interesting You-tube video discussing how things are changing.


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