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February 19, 2017

Good marketing takes planning ahead for back to school

One thing that always frustrates us here at REACH Magazine is the business owner that calls us two weeks before our magazine goes out and wants to get into that issue. The problem is that we put it to bed (that’s printer lingo for sent it to the printer) the week before.

Some types of business have “prime times” when consumers are more active in your category of business. Plan far enough ahead that you don’t miss critical deadlines and so that you are not rushed on your advertising decisions and development of advertising copy and creative.

Back to school is not just for school supplies

Many decisions about family involvements are made as preparation for school is happening. Sometimes a child going to school suddenly frees up time for mom to be employed or to take on volunteer work or other involvements. What sporting activities are our kids going to be involved in. Even though some of these decisions are made in September and October, if your business is effected by these decisions you will want to get out in front of your prospective customers early enough to prime the pump and get them thinking that you are one of the options.

Because of all the changes that happen in the back to school time period there are many businesses that are impacted significantly by marketing and advertising during this period.

Consider these businesses and how they might be effected by changes and plans that are made for back to school:

• Shoe stores

• Day cares / after school programs

• Clothing stores

• Technical schools / for mom’s coming back into the work force because their kids are now in school

• Dance Schools, Gymnastic Schools, Sports training, fitness, recreation

• Shipping stores (what did junior forget to take to college on move in day?)

• Computers, electronics

• Carpet cleaning and house cleaning

• Salons and spas

and more…

We are currently working on REACH magazine’s Back to school edition which will arrive in homes the first week of August. If you want to be in front of consumers with a compelling message and in the vehicle that consumers LOVE, please call me soon because we will put this issue to bed before you know it. Peter DeMott 937-478-6222

Duct Tape Marketing, great advertising and marketing resource for businesses

I have been following Duct Tape Marketing with John Jantsch for some time. In fact when I was doing my advertising and marketing course for equine photographers online a couple of years ago, he donated a couple of his best selling book on advertising for small businesses. Now I subscribe to his blog via an email subscription and I also subscribe to his podcast via iTunes.

This particular podcast was interesting in that I have been using WordPress for this blog and my photography business web site for about six months. The title of this podcast is “Marketing in the age of Google” and it is an interview with the author of the book by the same name. Their conversation moves over to using WordPress as a complete web site which is what I do.

In just six months my photography web site has gone from 500-700 visits per month to over 5,000 visits in the month of May. Hope you enjoy this podcast and if you would like to meet to discuss advertising here in the Dayton area, I would love to meet with you. We can talk about WordPress websites, facebook pages, REACH magazine and THE BIG DEAL on eREACH.com  Feel free to call me at 937-478-6222 or email me at peter@photosbypdemott.com . I have over 20 years experience working with small businesses in this area, helping them to grow through advertising and advice.

You can listen from his web site here by clicking on the link at the top of the post.


Or you can go to iTunes here and listen to the May 20th podcast here:


Finding a job in the age of the internet – start a blog

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott has a blog called Web Ink Now about marketing and leadership strategies. Today’s blog post I found to be very interesting. There are many things that recent graduates can do to make themselves attractive for hiring.

His main idea for this post is that if students will start a blog while in school they will have accumulated a mass of data that search engines will serve up to prospective employers. If a business is looking for someone who is able to communicate, they will be able to see it in the blog. If they need a idea leader, they will see it in the blog and so on. Go visit David’s blog and sign up for email delivery as I have.


I found another concept interesting for college grads. This came from another blog that I subscibed to, however I cannot recall who it is right now. Consider this. If someone is looking to hire someone is it more likely that they will see what they want in the grads who live  at home and watch TV half of each day and look for a job an hour or two each day or each week, or will they see more potential in the “go givers” who since they are not employed volunteer for 20 hours each week at the charity of  their choice? How will it come across to the prospective employer when in the interview they have powerful answers to things they are doing right now to help others and make a difference in the world? What if this was a student currently in college with good grades and who is volunteering while still in school rather than just going to parties, sleeping, eating, studying and going to classes and in that order?

One more idea to add, in addition, joining a business networking group like Rainmakers will present a new grad with opportunities to meet face to face with business owners and perhaps find a good fit in a non-threatening environment. How might a prospective employer feel about someone, again who is a “go giver” who actually provides their company with connections that will help their business through networking. Is that the type of person you might want to hire?

I hope that you have enjoyed these ideas and will pass them on to the recent college grad that you know that is looking for a career. For that matter, if you know a Junior or Senior in college, send them a link to this blog. Perhaps the light will go on and they will start their blog early enough so that there is a mass of data for prospective employers to review and consider.

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