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February 19, 2017

Summer advertising in Dayton Ohio with REACH Magazine

Time to think about your advertising for summer:

The May edition of REACH Magazine is headed for homes next week (May 2011) and we are now working on REACH Magazine for June, July and August (Summer advertising). The June edition is also a great venue to advertise FATHER’s DAY gifts/ideas/recreational opportunities.

Not every business is right for REACH magazine:

One way that I consider who to call on is to look at REACH Magazines in other markets like Indianapolis IN, Evansville KY, Cincinnati OH, Youngstown OH and others to see what categories are working and in some cases which categories of business we do not have represented in our magazine here in Dayton. Consumers LOVE REACH Magazine and one of the things they like is the variety of types of businesses represented in the magazine. If the magazine was all replacement window companies or all insurance companies, then it would have a much shorter shelf life and people would stop looking through the magazine.

But, we have lots of variety and consumers are always curious as to what they will see next in the magazine. This is just one reason why REACH is still the most popular coupon magazine in the Dayton market. Another reason is our seasonal and attractive covers.

Before I show you the May cover, let me ask you if you can help me with getting some new vendors into REACH. As I said, I look for companies that are doing well with REACH in other markets, but that are not currently represented in Dayton’s REACH Magazine. If you know someone in the following categories of business that wants to grow their residential consumer part of their business, please give me a call. I will call them, show them the REACH Magazine program, help them determine if there is a good fit for their company, discuss options from a targeted zone mailing to an entire market mailing, then help them to design an effective ad with appropriate incentives to drive consumers response.

Businesses that want to expand their consumer sector:

Right now I am looking for the following types of business for participation in our summer  mailings. We are also looking for businesses that want to participate in the JULY Airshow cover issue and the August Back to School/early fall issue.

• Plumbers (although it seems that many plumbers are busy helping people deal with drains and flooding issues, sumps and etc. we have plumbers in several markets that advertise on a regular basis. Generally speaking, most intelligent business owners do not continue doing advertising that is not performing for them. That is unless they just don’t know if something is working, however with REACH response is measurable because coupons and dollars spent can be tallied from each mailing)

• Painters

• Driveway replacement, both asphalt and concrete

• Paver patios

• Irrigation

• Landscaping, clean-ups

• House washing, deck washing, power washing

• Car wash

• Catering for weddings, graduations, corporate picnics and events

• Wildlife Nuisance Control

• Flight Training Center, airplane, helicopter

• Restaurants / large and small – we always do very well for most restaurants and we can get good response without giving 50% OFF (in REACH Magazine you do not have to give 50% OFF like with Groupon and other HALF OFF programs currently making their rounds in the Dayton market)

Preview of the May REACH Magazine:

As I mentioned above, REACH Magazine covers are season and pleasant to look at because we want a magazine that has a substantial shelf life. Consider how the average consumer responds to something cluttered with coupons on the cover. If it looks cluttered and unattractive how long will it last in the home? How long until a magazine with a coupon on the front, perhaps with the coupon cut out of the cover, how long will it last before it hits the circular file. At REACH we purposefully have pleasant looking seasonal covers with local community tie-ins that consumers appreciate and keep around the home for many weeks.

Keep a look out for the May edition of REACH Magazine arriving in homes the first week of May. Here is the cover of the REACH Magazine for May 2011. Don’t miss your opportunity to support the Humane Society of Greater Dayton with their Furry Skurry event (See back cover).

If you would like to know more about REACH Magazine in Dayton, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. My free consultation includes an overview of REACH options, sample successful ads from other markets within your category of business, 20 years experience developing incentive offers that generate excitement among consumers and more.

Why IS REACH Magazine Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine? As a business owner wouldn’t it be good for you to be fully informed about options that could effect the long term growth of your business and wouldn’t it be good to find out why we outperform other coupon magazines in this market. Last wouldn’t it be good to understand incentive marketing and how it could benefit you? It costs nothing for you to be fully informed so that you can make good decisions about your business advertising program.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine – Dayton • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com

Don’t discount weather when evaluating the response from your advertising

I just finished talking with a very happy REACH client. Here in Dayton, you don’t know what March 1st is going to look like. It could be 60 degrees and sunny for a week or it could snow like it did the first week of March this year.

Three Strikes and you are out

Daniel Reeves has tried several coupon magazines in the Dayton market for his company Window Genie. In each case he gave the magazines THREE issues to make something happen. Now he mainly uses REACH. He tells me that REACH is where he gets the majority of his business activity. He goes by THREE STRIKES and your are out.

What do you do when ONE ad does not perform well?

However, the March 1st REACH ad did not perform very well. His son said maybe we should cancel, maybe REACH does not work any more, but Daniel was steadfast. Daniel also talks frequently with Window Genie franchises in other markets. He continued with REACH and the April issue is performing well even with all this rain. People are getting on with their spring cleaning even with the rain, however snow was not making people very happy in early March and calls were down that issue. Who knows, March next year my be warm and sunny.

Consumers don’t always understand your business

It was funny, in one case a client was surprised that Daniel and his team were out power washing their deck in the rain. Daniel explained that we end up getting soaked anyway so the rain is not a deterrent to getting that part of our work finished (lightning is another matter – aluminum ladders and lightning don’t go well together).

Whatever advertising you do, give it a fair test

When I start a new client in REACH magazine, I always encourage them to sign for at least 3 mailings consecutively in the same zone. More times than I can count, over the years, clients who had less than spectacular first mailings were happy clients by the third issue (not just happy, but delighted and growing their businesses). One mailing is just not a fair test and there are too many things that can effect results on a one time basis.

Generally speaking REACH is weather proof. If it rains the first week that the magazine is in the homes then the response kicks right in the following week once people are getting out and about again. Name recognition doubles on the second mailing and we have time to make significant changes to the ad on the third issue if we need to shake things up. Other forms of advertising need some time too. Nobody buys ONE TV ad or ONE Radio spot.

I’ll be calling Daniel to power wash the green stuff off my house from all this rain sometime soon. So, if you need your windows washed, your deck cleaned, your gutters cleaned out, give Daniel a call at the Window Genie. If you are ready to give REACH a fair test, even if you have tried other magazines in the Dayton market, give me a call. Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com

Contact the Window Genie (and we do a lot more) below.



April ad for Window Genie in Dayton Ohio in REACH magazine

Effective Email marketing tips

Ran across this article at MASHABLE.COM

6 Smart and Effective Email Marketing Tactics (click this line to view article)

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine • peter@photosbypdemott.com • 937-478-6222


Write it down and it will be so!

Dane Sanders talked to us about several things at his presentation at the Art Institute of Dayton last night. Dane is from California and has written two excellent books about photographers (Fast Track Photographer and Fast Track Photographer Business Plan). But, in his books and in person he challenges people to look at things in new ways that expand the possibilities.

He invited us into a conversation and explained that:

• Comparison is not important!

• YOU are not what you do!

• The big question is WHO are you, not what are you!

• New STUFF will not complete you

So, what is the story you tell about yourself?

Is it all about WHAT you do or STUFF you have or is the story about you about WHO you are. Is the story you tell all about comparing what you do with what others do? What will happen when you cannot do that any more? Will you have lost your identity and feel that you have become nothing?

It was a very interesting conversation and I think that the goal of it was to help us to remove the limits we put on ourselves by comparing, by thinking that we are only what we do, and by thinking that what we have means something. With that as the foundation he suggested that when we right down our goals something happens. Things become possible when we write them down and he gave this example.

A study was conducted three groups of high school students, first students who made definitive statements about their futures and who wrote it down, then of those who made statements and didn’t write them down, and last of those students who made no statements and just sort of moved along in life based on whatever came along.

In the majority of the cases where students wrote something down about their future, “I’m going to help people by becoming a doctor” or “I want to become the head of a large corporation” or whatever, in most cases it was found that they did in fact become those things.

The students that just talked about their future, but didn’t write it down sometimes became those things, but then there were the students that did not talk about the future AND did not write down their ideas about the future… they just went with the flow so to speak. the study found that many of these students were still going with the flow and did not amount to much.

Something happens when you write your goals down and put them out their for the public to see. Writing things down makes things happen. It puts your mind to work and makes your goals possible in your mind. I have found this to be true as well. For several years I have lead an online marketing and advertising course for an internet forum. Over and over again I have found that the students who participated and were willing to share their goals with the others in the group, the ones that were willing to put some thought into their plan and write it down, those were the people who could come back to me a year later and say that they achieved all their goals or most of them. Almost universally, those who were willing to write things down in my course have told me that they accomplished more in that year than they thought was possible, more than they had every accomplished before.

I have also found that writing things down about plans for the future can help you focus on WHO your are and that you can make changes in the plans and goals along the way that make them uniquely you. People think if they write something down, then they cannot change it, but really writing things down opens the possibilities for the future and expands your thinking.

If you want to have a meaningful impact on the world you need to put some though into WHO YOU ARE (the first half of this post) and then write down how you are going to make a difference in this world.

This is a very different post from the others that I have posted before. I put some thought into WHO I am and what I want to do.

• I love to help others to grow their businesses and become better people

• I consider honesty and integrity to be critical to both my advertising sales career and my photography business

• I will value people over things

• I will be the top advertising consultant in the Dayton REACH market

• I will open my country barn photography studio by September of this year

There, I did it, I wrote it down. Ask me how I did next year.

If you want to WRITE IT DOWN and put it out there, you are welcome to put your plans and thought here as a COMMENT. The comment button is either at the bottom of this page or at the top next to the headline for this post.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • peter@photosbypdemott.com • 937-478-6222



Two Men and a Truck North Dayton uses CALL TRACKING to determine value of advertising

Local movers that care about every customer

Owners us CALL TRACKING to determine value of advertising expenditures

David and Laurie Malseed have now been in REACH magazine for a couple of months. These young business owners are using today’s technology to measure the effectiveness of their advertising by using CALL TRACKING phone numbers in the various places they invest in advertising. By going to their login for their tracking numbers they can see each month exactly how many calls originate from each advertising source.

Coupon and Ad in REACH Magazine brings in highly qualified leads

When they investigated the results from their first month in REACH they found that they were closing on about 70% of the calls they were receiving. David gave me some details which I am not at liberty to share here, but based on what he said REACH has been a home run for their business coming right out of the gate. They were even receiving calls from people who were planning to make a local move later in the summer and based on the interactions I have had with them, I am sure those calls will also become customers. David has a tight ship with pleasant and quick phone answering and personal and informative support for their clients.

Zoned mailing helps prevent wasted advertising dollars

In addition since they have a franchise limited territory (there is a Two Men and a Truck franchise that works the south half of the Dayton market) we were able to target only areas in the north half of dayton using our zones. They were able to target Troy, Tipp City, Huber Heights, Vandalia, Englewood, Brookville, Springfield and all the communities in between by selecting only the zones that are geographically closer to their location.

Here is what Laurie had to say in a more general light about REACH magazine and my interactions with them as they moved from hopeful anticipation to very satisfied advertiser:

“Our ad in REACH magazine paid for itself the first day it was available to the public! Our dealings with REACH have been quick and efficient. We would definitely recommend REACH over the other magazines.

Thanks Peter!”

I was sorry that I was not able to make it to their official grand opening a few weeks ago.

Company builds relationships online using web site and facebook page

If you live in the north half of Dayton and surrounding communities and you are planning a local move, I would highly recommend these folks. They really care about everyone they meet and they will do an excellent job for you.

Visit them on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Men-And-A-Truck-Dayton-NorthOH/148937035143612?ref=ts

Learn more on their web site: http://www.twomenandatruck.com/movers-in-dayton-north-ohio

 Two Men and a Truck April ad in REACH magazine Dayton edition

To find out more about REACH magazine please give me a call about scheduling a business consultation. As I told David and Laurie, my goal is to develop long lasting business relationships, not to just sell ad space. I have over 20 years experience in incentive marketing and working with small to medium sized businesses who are trying to reach consumers. My consultation covers many aspects of your business to insure that REACH is a right fit for you and that you will grow your business with Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • peter@photosbypdemott.com • 937-478-6222


Great article by Ivana Taylor – 7 website improvements that increase sales now!

7 Website improvements that increase sales NOW is a short and informative article. Ivana Taylor is a marketing strategist.




For FACEBOOK, and your web site here is another article to check out:



Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine in Dayton, Ohio • peter@photosbypdemott.com • 937-478-6222


Your April REACH Magazine is packed with value and variety and is arriving this week

One thing that you will notice about the April REACH magazine in Dayton is the value and variety of types of business represented. There is something for everyone and for every need that you may have for spring cleaning and preparation for a great summer. Tell me what you think when you get yours.

Learn about REACH Magazine so that you can make informed choices about your advertising.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine Dayton • peter@photosbypdemott.com • 937-478-6222

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