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February 19, 2017

Focus on sales best practices for your business

here is a good article on Entrepreneur.com about using a sales mind on your business.


Telling a young friend that 75% of jobs are found through networking

Helping young people to be productive in their efforts to find a job/career

Today I am taking a young college graduate to some networking events and explaining that 75% of jobs are found through various types of networking activity.

Graduated top of the class from the University of Cincinnati

My next post will tell you more about Nissa P. who graduated top of the class from the University of Cincinnati. She is energetic, friendly and outgoing, and most importantly teachable and a hard worker. I would like YOU to invite her to a networking event that you participate in just to get to know her and help her with this new adventure of business networking. Nissa has been my daughter’s best friend for many years and Patty and I consider her our “second daughter.”

Can you help me to help her?

If you have an event to invite her to, please email me at peter@photosbypdemott.com and I will pass it along to her, or perhaps bring her to your event (as you know I visit many networking events and review them here on this blog). For some of my lady readers, I would love to have you invite her and take her to one or two of the events you attend (help her to learn to network effectively and give her your perspective on job hunting through networking. Share her with the people you know and spread the word about a good prospective employee).

Business Cards

I would also like someone to perhaps provide her with some business cards to use at these events. She is one to build on her strengths and pull her own way, certainly not a OWS type who want everything given to them through government programs, through interference by government in the free enterprise system, misguided as it is. I want to reward this. She lives here in the Dayton area.

Here is a cropped photo of Nissa.


The latest from Mashable about daily deals that consumers love, merchants not so much.

I thought you would find this article interesting if you are considering running a daily deal of some kind for your buisness.


• Comments and graphs on popularity of various sites.

• Data on usage and repeat customer issues

• Suggestions

DaytonPulse.com interviews Peter DeMott about REACH Magazine and this blog

Today I was interviewed by Carlos Scarpero who runs the web site DaytonPulse.com with similar goals to my blog here. If you would like to hear the interview there is a small box on the left side of the home page where the podcasts are listed or you can click on this link:

Interview with Peter DeMott about growing businesses in Dayton

We talked about:

• The importance of understanding ROI when purchasing advertising (not making ad buying decisions based on price alone)

• Call tracking services to help you determine WHICH advertising is performing for you

• GROW YOUR BUSINESS IN DAYTON blog (this is where you are right now)

• How phones are answered for your business

• The importance of up-beat casual and professional profile images for Linked-In and Facebook and other (business) social networking (a bad snapshot of you up against a brick wall does no favors for your professional image when social networking online)

• Last off all, finding advertising that is a “Good Fit” for your type of business. I have twenty years experience selling REACH Magazine in Dayton. It does me no good at all to place ads if there is not a “good fit” and an opportunity for a long term relationship with that business.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine in Dayton Ohio • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachusa.com


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