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February 19, 2017

Spring and summer are great times for many Dayton area businesses

I am currently working on the spring mailings of REACH magazine in the Dayton market. April, May, and June can be the strongest months for many home improvement businesses. People are relieved that they don’t have to fight the cold temperatures and nasty weather. They also can see their homes when they come home from work because it isn’t getting dark at 5:15 any more. They see the work that needs to be done and their spirits are revived by the explosion of green to occurs in Dayton in the spring.

Here are some categories that I would love to start NOW in REACH magazine:

• I need a deck builder that wants to target the highest income homes in the Dayton market. I have had deck builders do extremely well with REACH in March, April, and May mailings targeting the areas of town they want to work in.

• I am looking for a plumbing company that wants to grow their consumer market in Dayton ( I have an ad that is working VERY well in Indianapolis that I want a plumber in Dayton to run. If it works even close to what is happening there, whoever takes on this challenge will be very pleased that they took the opportunity)

• All outdoor home improvements do well in spring.

Painters ( I have ads working in other markets to show you).

• Of course we always like to add restaurants to our magazine and have many success stories.

Family recreation of all kinds

Is it time that your business learns about Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine? I have call tracking showing that REACH out performs all the other magazines that claim to be “just like REACH only cheaper”. Be fully informed about the power of the mailbox and REACH magazine in the Dayton market. Call me today for a business consultation at no charge of course. I am looking for businesses that are a good fit for REACH magazine. I can also discuss YoDEAL, Monster Postcards custom direct mail programs, Val-Pak coupons, Housetrends Magazine, and eREACH.com  I will have something that is a good fit for your business if you are trying to reach consumers in the Dayton market or the region or even the entire country.

Peter DeMott • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachusa.com


My client Hot Head Burritos was written up this week in the business section of Dayton Daily News

I am pleased as peaches to see my client Hot Head Burritos continue to grow and hopes to soon become a national franchise.


Incentive offer for first time REACH Magazine advertisers in Dayton Ohio

Being as we are a coupon magazine, it is only appropriate that we provide first time advertisers with an incentive offer to give REACH a fair test. This incentive offer offers real value and provides for a fairly short duration to give REACH Magazine a test for your business. Many companies have found that a test like this has led to a profitable and lasting relationship with REACH Magazine and the clientele that love REACH Magazine and respond to vendor ads in our magazine.

Even companies that have tried various other coupon magazines have come to REACH to discover that contrary to what was told to them, REACH provides a lower cost per sale than cheaper alternatives. We have call tracking reports to prove it. I will provide call tracking to any company that wants real and definitive comparisons of where their advertising dollars can be most wisely spent to generate better clients with higher tickets and more repeat business. Just ask me to explain Call tracking to you at our consultation.

In the mean time, we are currently offering this special for businesses new to REACH magazine: Just make sure that when you call you ask for Peter DeMott, or you can call me directly and we can discuss things right then. Peter DeMott 936-478-6222

REACH special offer pdf

REACH special offer in Dayton, Ohio

Some ask, “How much does REACH Magazine cost?”

Asking “how much does REACH magazine cost?” may not the right question

I’ve been selling REACH Magazine since it started here in Dayton many years ago. There are some businesses that can flourish and do very well in REACH magazine and there others that cannot. It is critical that I know something about your business, your target consumer, and how your company works before just blurting out some price for REACH magazine. We have about 4 different options to consider and each has a different pricing structure, but that is not the main reason why I say this.

If REACH is not a good fit for your business, then it cost too much

Here’s the deal. If REACH Magazine is not a good fit for your business, then REACH costs too much. If REACH Magazine is a great fit for your business then you will find that REACH Magazine is inexpensive compared to other advertising options, period. For many of my clients REACH is their top performer with regard to bringing in quality prospects and customers to their businesses.

To give you the right answers I need to do some research

It takes a phone call and sometimes some research on my part to give you the right answer about REACH for your business. I will research all our markets looking for businesses similar to yours to see if it is working for them. I might find ads running in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Youngstown and others. I might even call the sales rep that works with those clients to see how things are going. Then, I will recommend the type of ad I think you should consider. Or, I might suggest that REACH may not be a good fit for your business. Really, that could be my answer and businesses have thanked me for being straight with them and not just taking their money like some other advertisers would.

Many options for both small and larger businesses

I might recommend a zoned half or full-page ad. I may say that you should do a full or a half page total market ad. Each of these options have completely different price ranges. But, you see if I give you just any price based on all the different options that are available to you and to me, it might well be the wrong thing. What good is that? You can give me a call and we can discuss things over the phone if you like.

What is your ROI “Return on Investment” from REACH Magazine?

In fact there may be other magazines that say they are less expensive than REACH, but if they don’t perform as well for your business wouldn’t it be true that they are actually more expensive (number of responses divided by cost)?

With our call tracking phone service, we have found that several of the magazines that “cost less” produce less than half the number of consumer calls. So with a proper understanding, unless they cost half as much as we do, they are not a better investment for your business. According to THE MEDIA AUDIT, REACH Magazine in Dayton is THE most popular coupon magazine in this area with others lagging far, far, behind. My clients who have set up call tracking comparisons have indicated that the difference is significant.

ROI Analysis, let me explain what I mean

EXAMPLE A) An ad someplace costs you $75, it seems really cheap so your run it 10 times, but it produces no results – no new customers – no sales. The cost to your business is 100% of your investment… Yikes! the cost is $750 for no customers. R.O. I is ZERO.

EXAMPLE B) Ad cost you $750, that is ten times more than the cheaper ad above, but it produces 40 customers. In this case the cost per customer would be $18.75 each. If each customer on average spends $150, that’s $6,000.00 in sales from a $750 investment. You have generated 8 times what you put in, but you thought that this ad was the expensive ad at first glance. Compare that with EXAMPLE A) which never produced the first customer at all…. which ad “cost more for your business?”

Example A) and B) are what is called an ROI analysis (Return on investment analysis). You see it can be true that a cheaper ad may actually cost more.

Comparing Apples and Oranges / some say they are the same only cheaper

REACH Magazine is  direct mailed to the home owner whereas some of the other magazines are tucked inside the Red Plum distribution. Some are printed on newsprint or super thin paper so that consumers have a different experience looking at your ad. All these things can affect how your business is perceived by consumers and how they responded to your incentive offer or product.

Large or small business, REACH may be right for you. If you would like to know pricing just give me a call. I can talk to you about your business and give you a range of options that might be right for you. If you want to know more, I can meet with you and bring those examples from the other markets of similar businesses. If they are regularly using REACH that means it’s working for them and it could also work well for you. Perhaps you will be like others who have found that cheaper is not always the smarter option for your business.

Opportunity for the right businesses / What I am looking for right now

When I look at the ads in our other cities, I put together a list of categories of business that are regularly repeating in those markets (they would not be regular repeating unless it was working for them – Remember that REACH is measurable unlike some other forms of advertising)

Perhaps your business type is on my list.

One example for right now, I am looking for a residential Painting Company which is ready and willing to grow. We have two Painters represented in our Indianapolis REACH magazine that mail the every single mailing (that is 12 times per year). I want to find a residential painter here in Dayton or Cincinnati that will test a similar ad in our markets. Obviously it is working for them or they would not be continuing. This could be powerful for the right business, a painting company ready and willing to grow their business NOW!

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine Dayton, OHIO • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com

Spring advertising in Dayton and surrounding communities with REACH Magazine

Did you miss out on the spring spending last year by missing the deadline for the April, May, or June REACH magazine?

Spring spending in Dayton, it happens every year

Each year I see many businesses do very well in the Spring Season here in the greater Dayton area. Everyone is so tired of the wet gray days of winter in this region that when the grass greens and the flowers start coming up, everyone feels refreshed and new again. They look at themselves and their homes and see what needs improvement.

If you are in one of these categories of business call me today. Remember that REACH magazine is like publishing a book, not a newspaper. We close out each issue up to 30 days in advance of the in-home delivery date. Also remember that REACH is Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine and is delivered by US Postal service to each home in the areas we serve.

Here are some of the categories that do great during April-May-June:

Lawn Mowing: The first week of April when REACH is delivered into homes is critical for lawn mowing companies. The grass is turning green and may even be 3-5 inches tall when the magazines arrive. The neighbor boy who used to mow their lawn may be in college now. Their mower may have broken down for the last time and they are sick of the task of mowing the yard. They may decide they are too old or that after some new medical concerns have come up, it is no longer safe for them to do this task. All this happens in the first weeks of April and there is both urgency and need. Once you have the lawn mowing contracted, many lawn companies also take care of applications, aeration, mulching and other services.

Mulching / Trimming / Landscaping: These services are hot from April through the first half of June. This is when people call to get estimates and arrange for both maintenance and major landscaping projects. Since REACH magazine is popular with middle to upper income home owners, and since you can target by zones the areas you want to focus your efforts on, REACH can be a great way to expose consumers to examples of your work and the availability of your services. Beautiful full color images on your ad can inspire people to call for your service or for your custom estimate for larger projects.

Sump Pump installation and back-up systems: In the Dayton area we sometimes have very heavy rains in early spring. If the sump pump system is not adequate or if there is no battery back-up system this is when the problems might show up. By being in REACH magazine you name becomes familiar and it is easy to take action because of your time limited incentive offer.

All Home improvements: Windows, doors, room additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, siding, roofing, painting, and more. Spring is consistently the strongest home improvement season. Many are receiving income tax refunds that can prime the pump of a major home improvement project. With things greening up outside, consumers are in a better mood and ready for change. Many home owners are in a situation where they are unwilling to move (housing market is down) so they are going to improve what they have rather than go through the frustration of selling one home and buying another. Examples of your work presented in full color along with your incentive offer can inspire a call for that powerful FREE ESTIMATE. Once they have met you and trust you, you are bound to land some jobs.

Tanning / Fitness / Hair & nails / Skin treatments / Liposuction and spider vein removal: Many people need a little help with their New Years Resolutions to lose weight and get in better shape. This is the time when the realization that they need help becomes clear. It will soon be time to be wearing shorts, swim suites, and to be playing outside. Being where people go to find their dinning out coupons gives you a great shot at capturing their attention with beautiful photographs of before and after for all these types of services. Showing a beautiful new hair style may be just the inspiration along with that 20% off coupon to bring in a new client for life.

Of course there are all the other businesses that can do well in REACH magazine all year round:

Auto repairs / Tires / maintenance services

Restaurants of all kinds / fine dining / sandwich / Mexican / Chinese / Japanese and all the others

Bars and Grills with outdoor patios / wine tasting etc.

Carpet cleaning/ Home cleaning / spring cleaning / window cleaning

Garage doors / plumbing / heating and cooling

Pet services / dog grooming

Dentists / teeth whitening 

Recreational events and venues / water parks / outdoor concerts / etc.

It’s that time of year when everyone gets out and does something. Take advantage of the feeling that everything is new and people have a renewed feeling of contentment and motivation at the same time.

REACH Magazine can be a POWERFUL direct mail advertising medium for many businesses. It is measurable and target-able. We also have the capability of providing call tracking which can give you powerful information about which advertising is or is not working for you. With these tools you will not have to say, ” I know that half of my advertising is working for me, but I just don’t know which half!”

Call for a FREE BUSINESS CONSULTATION by experienced direct marketer Peter DeMott. Call 937-478-6222 to schedule today. Remember deadlines are coming fast and Spring is in the air, or it will be soon.


Wedding Package give-a-way in Dayton valued at $25,000 last day to register

The wedding package give-a-way that was promoted in the January edition of REACH Magazine is going to be given away this weekend. If you know anyone who will be getting married this year, make sure they go online TODAY (2/3/12) and register for free to win. They need not be present to win, but they might also want to attend the winter wedding showcase on Saturday from 11am-4pm.


For businesses wanting to learn about promotion to a very small target market review this strategy. The Event Connection is wanting to reach brides to be to promote their services and the services available at the Wedding Connection. Working together with other vendors who want that same audience, they put together a enter to win package that would appeal to that audience and marketed it in Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine, REACH Magazine. When the magazine hit the homes their registrations spiked and the phones started to ring with calls from brides and other  wedding vendors that wanted to participate. Some lucky bride will be winning $25,000.00 worth of gifts and services this Saturday. News of the prize and the event made the newspaper causing another spike in registrations on the online register to win page which also offers tickets to the event this weekend. Participating vendors will be given the email addresses of brides that register at the event tomorrow.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine in Dayton • pdemott@reachusa.com • 937-478-6222 • Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine

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