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February 19, 2017

Big bang for your buck, Powerful Christmas advertising for the little guys

REACH Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2011

Here are just a few of the stores and shops that should consider the REACH Magazine Holiday Gift Guide in our December issue of REACH Magazine here in the Dayton market.

Boutique gift shops, Jewelers, Hobby Shops, Florists, Hair Salons, Restaurants, Candy stores, Massage Therapists, Garden shops, specialty shops, bird feed stores, hardware stores, gift baskets, candy popcorn, wine stores, book stores, cell phone stores, toy stores and many, many more. Don’t forget special events throughout the holiday season like lighting displays, family oriented events and activities, Christmas tree farms, and anything Christmas related can advertise here as well.

Although there are only display ads (no coupons) you can offer discounts to gift cards or bonuses for gift card or gift certificate purchases in these ads. You can include your web site, phone number and address as well of course.

260,000 homes delivered in the mailbox just after Thanksgiving

The gift guide will be in the total market section of REACH magazine, Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine and will be delivered into home the week following Thanksgiving day. You have the power of direct mail advertising, in Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine, delivered by mail into the 260,000 greater Dayton area homes. SEE MAP

Target Marketing

By being in a gift guide section in the magazine you target your advertising to consumers that are looking for gift and activity ideas for the families and loved ones. Your unique offering may be the perfect thing to draw customers to your location where they will likely find additional ideas for their gift buying needs. Holiday activities can also be listed in small ads with massive distribution. Promote your activity or event in the homes of 260,000 Dayton area residents as they are considering what they will be doing with their family, what gifts they will be buying, and how they can have a happy and interesting holiday season.

Ad sizes variable according to your budget

The sample page below shows the various sized ads that are available in this section of REACH Magazine.

Plan now and have your ad finished well before the holiday season

Deadlines: Plan your holiday advertising early so that you can concentrate on customers when things get busy. Although our deadline for the December issue of REACH is November the 2nd we may close off the gift guide early depending on inventory issues. We can build your ad now so that you will not be rushed when you want to spend time with your family or give full attention to your customers.

Full color glossy gives your business the image you want / ad design included

(page below shows on this web site smaller than it would appear in the magazine)

Holiday Gift Guide size sample page

If you would like me to go over the details and help you design the right ad for your business, please give me a call any time.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine Dayton • pdemott@reachusa.com • 937-478-6222

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