April 2, 2015

Don’t miss the boat with your spring advertising! Are you too damn busy?

Do you understand your consumers? Do YOU?

“I want to advertise when consumers don’t want my service”

“I’m already busy in spring, my slow month is August so that is when I want to advertise”

With many businesses it is important to advertise when consumers want to talk to you about your product or service. Many businesses wrongly think that advertising can magically make consumers interested in their service or product out of season. They don’t consider the old adages ” you cannot sell Christmas trees in July,” or ” Shoot while the birds are flying.”

I explain to seasonal businesses that to maximize your profits, you may need to explain to your family that there are certain times of the year when you will be extremely busy at work. There may be certain times when you will be working from 8am to 10pm to get everything done and to grow the number of satisfied clients you have. You see, it may take ten times more advertising out of season to get your phone to ring and to capture the attention of consumers for your product or service.

If you have a time when you are busy every year, that is your best time to gain new loyal clients who will call you back during your slower times. So if you are busy in April, May and June, then that is your BEST time to gain new customers and to advertise your product or service. Don’t wait till you are slow to consider advertising because then in many cases it’s just too late. You spend more to get less and the numbers may not work out.

Are you willing to WORK MORE HOURS when you are already busy some times of the year to have a more successful business and to build your client base?

Here at REACH magazine we are working on the Spring mailings right now during the severe winter weather warnings. For many home improvement businesses, spring and early fall are their best time to capture the attention of consumers. Other companies focus on the first quarter of the year or the last quarter of the year to grow their client base. If you want to find out what REACH can do for you when you are already busy, please give me a call at 937-478-6222 and I will do research on your type of business. If I find successful ads in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Akron-Canton or any of our other markets for your type of business I will show those to you and we can discuss how REACH can help your business grow here in Dayton and Cincinnati when you are already to damn busy.









Home shows as advertising in the greater Dayton area

Several of my best clients in REACH magazine tell me that Home Shows are some of their best advertising based on a cost per sale basis. And, yet others say that they don’t get much from Home Shows. Over the last two years some have indicated that they used to do very well from Home Shows, but that lately they have under performed probably due to the economy.

 January, February, March and April represents the Home Show season in the Dayton area

I’m just telling you what my home oriented clients have told me about their experiences with homes shows. It’s funny because one may say, ” I’m not doing this or that show again. It was terrible!” At the same time another client will tell me the complete opposite about the same shows.

Each year I go to the Home Shows to see what is new in the market. Each year I see some vendors who know how to engage people without being pushy and I see others sitting behind their tables eating a sandwich and watching TV or texting messages about how bored they are. The investment in a Home Show could be several thousands of dollars and the results from a home show can fall down as the result of employees that don’t get it so to speak.

What’s going to happen at the Home Shows this year?

One of my clients informed me that they would be in REACH even during the Home Show season this year because results from last year were down significantly. The thing that usually happens with Home Shows is that people who are serious about making some improvements on their homes come to the shows and interact with various vendors finding who they feel most comfortable with. They may ask several vendors to come out and give estimates for a given project. However, if consumer confidence is down, sometimes serious buyers become just tire kickers. They want to get ideas that they may use in a year or two when things get better.

If  three or four thousand people come through a show, many of the vendors will lose heart and get an attitude that harms their interactions with the participants. A good show will bring in Five to Ten thousand people. Then the opposite can happen. There are so many people passing by that it becomes difficult to engage them or perhaps your conversation with a likely client is continuously interrupted by other people with questions.

What I am saying is that although I always recommend that home improvement businesses participate in the first quarter Home Shows, it doesn’t always work out. Those who can figure out how to engage effectively with consumers usually do very well, but sometimes there are businesses that just don’t know how to do that or who delegate to employees that do not care. Just as sometimes REACH ads don’t work out for some businesses for one reason or another. It might be a poor offer that has no perceived value to the consumers or it might be how they staff interact with the consumers that come in. It can be how they answer the phone and if they are polite and ask engaging questions. I have learned that it is not always the venue or the form of advertising that brings success for businesses.

In any case, I will attend all the shows and I will ask some vendors how the shows are doing for them this year. I don’t know what they will tell me. I do know that a great home show brings in 10,000 consumers over the period of a weekend is only reaching the people who come to the show. At the same time, REACH Magazine can reach 260,000 homes in the greater Dayton market with a compelling offer that will make the phone ring for your business. The key to gaining clients is to have an engaging message whether at the home show or in the REACH Magazine and to have people who know how to help prospects understand the value of your product or service.

 Boom or Bust?

If you are not going to participate in any Home Shows this time around, but you plan to in the future, the best thing you can do is to go to the home shows this year and see how the best vendors engage with consumers. What does their booth look like? How to the exhibitors present themselves and their product or service?  Encourage your employees to do the same if they will be working the shows for you. Look at what to do and what not to do. You, like I have, will immediately see why some folks think Home Shows are a bust and why vendors in the same business around the corner say that Home Shows are their best return on investment advertising.

The Economy?

I won’t know until I go to the shows and talk with some of the vendors if the concerns of the economy, increased taxes and so on will have on Home Show season this year. As a business you have to do the best you can with the situation you are in. Wallowing in fear or being down about things is not going to grow your business. Planning how you will achieve success in your current situation is a better way to proceed.

Peter DeMott • Over 17 years experience in advertising • REACH Magazine • Valpak Coupons • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com or pdemott@reachusa.com












Wedding Planning Guide inside January 2013 edition of REACH magazine Dayton

Advertising for the bride to be in January REACH magazine

Attention wedding vendors

Plans are under way to repeat the January edition Wedding Planning Guide inside REACH Magazine. In January of this year we had a center section in the magazine devoted entirely to wedding vendors of all types. The entire front cover of the January magazine was devoted to a beautiful bride and groom portrait. This year (actually, I mean next year, the magazine comes out the first week of January) there will be entered-to-win prizes for a special bride and groom. Don’t miss your opportunity to win if you are planning to be married in 2013. The Event Connection will have another bridal event in early February with vendor booths and activities for brides, grooms and anyone they bring. The Bridal Give Away Package winner will be announced at that event just as it was this year. The event was very well attended.

Advertising to reach the Bride to be for wedding planning needs

I will be posting information here as it becomes available. In the mean time, if you are a wedding vendor of any kind in the Dayton market send me an email. You don’t want to miss the excitement of the Wedding Planning Guide inside the

Wedding Planning Guide inside January REACH Magazine in Dayton

January REACH Magazine cover in Dayton (2012).

• Wedding Guide inside announcement and bride and groom photo will be on the cover of the January edition of REACH magazine again in the first week of January 2013.

• Exposure to 260,000 homes from Piqua to Springboro and From Xenia to Brookville including all the suburban areas around Dayton.

• Unlike other publications that are available for pick up at various locations, the REACH Wedding Planning Guide gives exposure to Moms, Dads, Brides, and Grooms, people who are making decisions about investment, location, and vendors they plan to use. This also can help brand your product or service in the minds of consumers if your product or service is not restricted to wedding day only. For example, may venues are great for corporate events and reunions and other groups, not just brides and grooms.

• Ad sized for every budget starting at $395 for a business card sized ad. Consider that, your business card sent to 260,000 homes, right into their mailbox in Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine. Consider what it would cost you to even print 260,000 business cards.

• Repeated Exposure: EACH time consumers go to look for their Marion’s Pizza coupon or their dine out El Toro or Hot Head Burrito coupon, they have another opportunity to be exposed to your business. The wedding planning guide inside REACH will be a section of display ads only (no coupons please), but the coupons throughout the rest of the magazine give people a reason to come back again and again to look through the magazine and see your ad again.

Reserve your spot and don’t let your business be missed for this powerful advertising, event, and marketing opportunity. Send me an email with all your contact information NOW. I know just how busy wedding vendors can be. We can start working on your ad even now with deadlines far away. I won’t need payment until closer to the publication date.

Send your contact information to:
Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine
2360 W. Dorothy Lane, Suite 101
Dayton, OHIO 45439
Email it to: peter@photosbypdemott.com
Or Call me, Peter DeMott, at 937-478-6222

YoDeal Dayton rolls out with a big splash on the cover of REACH magazine

On the cover and in the magazine

We are rolling out YoDeal Dayton with the cover of the February REACH magazine. The YoDeal charity this month is the American Heart Association and highlights the month of February as the Go Red promotion about women and heart disease.

The YoDeal difference

YoDeal is different from the other online “buy it now and save” programs in that YoDeal contributes a percentage of every purchase to the charity that the business chooses. We will soon have local choices where every YoDeal purchase will support a local charity. Another way that YoDeal is different is that some of the deals will be promoted inside REACH Magazine at the beginning of each month. Some other “buy it here and save” sites are doing this in other magazines, but in some cases 100% of the proceeds from sales first goes to pay for the magazine ad before the business gets any money at all. With YoDeal, the businesses with print promotion in REACH begin to rake in the dollars with the first deal purchased (there is no charge to the business if they are chosen for REACH Magazine promotion of their deal).

Here is the Cincinnati YoDeal page showing various charities that are participating there. Our page will reflect the charities that businesses in Dayton would like to support.

YoDeal Cincinnati Page showing local charities

Here is an example of a page inside the February REACH Magazine promoting YoDeals. These may not be live yet, but you can go to YoDeal.com and sign up for the email notification so that you never miss a great deal.

Would you like to know more about how YoDeal can promote your business with no upfront costs?

For more information about YoDeal marketing opportunities in Dayton, Ohio please call me at 937-478-6222 (Peter DeMott). You can also email me at pdemott@reachusa.com

• Not ad design charges

• SEO juice for your business – lots of word of mouth advertising as your YoDeal gets spread through social media

• Links to your website and contact information

• Local tie-in the charities that consumers want to support and know will help people locally gives your business good marks

• FREE print promotion inside REACH Magazine (Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine) may be included (subject to management discretion)

LINK to get you started: Simple pdf form that you can fill out and fax to me at 937-534-0483 to get started or consider running in YoDeal

• FREE eREACH business profile and online coupons offer

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine Dayton • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachusa.com


FREE is good! Want some SEO Juice for your consumer oriented business in Dayton?

Right now, I can offer you some FREE SEO juice for your business.

We are in the process of rolling out several new online products through our eREACH.com which is the online version of REACH Magazine. eREACH.com has thousands of visitors each day. If your business is looking for consumers (not business to business in other words), I can offer you a profile page including a link to your web site, your physical address, your email address, and contact information for your business along with up to three digital coupons.

This easy thing will enhance your Search Engine Optimization for local searches in Dayton, Ohio

This easy thing will enhance your SEO for your website because of the traffic we get on eREACH.com and because your back links are something that Google looks for when ranking sites. Having your back link on a popular consumer website, gives your company website SEO juice to bring it up in the search engine rankings.

Thousands visit eREACH.com every day

Not only that, but consumers will see your company and, up to three coupon offers that they can redeem at your restaurant or store or with your service business. Your business profile will include appropriate key words for searching and finding your product or service on our site.

In addition, soon your digital coupons will be PUSHED out into the market so that consumers can find you on their smart phones and in various apps that promote coupons in the market.

Take advantage of this FREE offer today!

You can benefit from consumer popularity of Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine and all it will cost you is a bit of time and phone call to me:

Peter DeMott at REACH Magazine in Dayton 937-478-6222

FREE is Good!

Here is a portion of the page consumers could see about your business on eREACH.com:

In addition to what you see here, we can include testimonials, a photo gallery, consumer reviews and a list of important key words and specialties that your business provides.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine in Dayton, OHIO • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachusa.com

Also: eREACH.com • YoDeal Dayton • Housetrends Magazine Dayton • 20 years experience in direct mail couponing and consumer marketing

Bridal Event and Wedding Planning Guide for Dayton area vendors

Plans continue for the Wedding Planning Guide inside REACH magazine in the Dayton market. Here are some of the details and link to pricing and ads sizes.

We have potentially between 35 and 50 vendor booths to give away to any bridal / Wedding businesses that want to participate. See the details in the link below. Here is my most recent update as more vendors step to the plate and participate it gets bigger and bigger.

Advertising for wedding services in Dayton Ohio

Outstanding Wedding vendor promotional opportunity including massive print advertising, radio promotion and a bridal event. 

Please review information about the Wedding Planning Guide inside the January edition of REACH Magazine. It will be reaching 260,000 homes in the greater Dayton market and there is an associated bridal event planned by the Event Connection for brides on Feb 4th & 5th.

Vendors  who choose to participate in the Wedding Planning Guide will be given a booth at this event (first come, first served so respond sooner rather than later- Booths are 8×10, but larger displays can be purchased at additional cost). Booths are subject to available space. We are looking at between 35 and 50 booth spaces.

Learn more by reviewing this PDF document that discusses the details and shows various pricing options.


Do not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have. Peter DeMott 937-478-6222

Potentially thousands of brides will be registering on eReach.com to win the bridal package give away. Additional promotional opportunities are available to any vendor wishing to offer something toward the Bridal Package Give-a-way.

• Brides register to win Huge Bridal Package Give-a-Way

• Pull out section in the center of REACH magazine gives your ad lasting value

• Full color glossy display ads (no coupons) for every budget

• 260,000 distribution throughout the greater Dayton market

• Radio promotion of the guide and the event in the first two weeks of January

• Exposure to moms and dads, brides and grooms to be at a prime time / January and February of 2012.

All the brides that register to win the prize will be invited to the February event at the EVENT Connection. To be a part of that event, you must purchase an ad in the Wedding Planning Guide. The booth space is no charge for those purchasing an ad (again, subject to available booth space).

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine in Dayton • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachusa.com


Hot Head is a hot franchise available in the Greater Dayton area

One client of mine has been using ads in REACH magazine from day one of starting his fast food restaurant, HOT HEAD BURRITO. Over the past several years he has gone from one location to 12 locations in the greater Dayton area and several more in the northern Kentucky part of the Cincinnati market.

When I stop by to see Ray Wiley to go over his ad for the upcoming month in REACH magazine he is always talking with someone about construction or remodeling or perhaps specking out locations for traffic and other factors that relate to the success of each restaurant location. There are always plans laying out on a table near by showing signs, landscaping, and floorplan layouts of stores that are in process.

Fast food is not something new for Ray. He and Cindy have had years of experience as the owners of many Subway store locations here in the Dayton market. His locations always have good managers and are run very well. With his experience from Subway Ray and his wife Cindy have been hard at work since the opening of their first HOT HEAD location. After opening several more locations, they began work on becoming a franchisor. With all that behind them, they are in expansion mode looking for new franchisees and area managers for HOT HEAD Burrito. This is still a baby franchise and this could be an opportunity to get in early. They are looking for area directors for OHIO, KENTUCKY, INDIANA, WEST VIRGINIA, AND PENNSYLVANIA right now.

In the Dayton area Ray (Ray is the Area Director for Dayton Metro) mentioned that he was looking for franchisees who wanted to open locations in Springboro, Miamisburg, and or Fairborn (there may be a couple other key areas that he is looking to fill). Considering the cost of a franchise from other major brands of Burrito fast food restaurants, HOT HEAD is very reasonable. Of course you have to go directly to Ray so he can present you with the program and follow all the proper steps as the franchisor. I cannot share specifics. I just know from our discussions that by comparison these stores have a much lower entry level to the purchase of a successful business model and system.

If you are interested in learning more you will need to contact Ray Wiley at 937-395-3611 to review all the franchise paperwork and discuss his plans for growth in this area and the region. Tell him Peter sent you.

It is gratifying to me that as his REACH magazine representative, I have been a part in the success of this business. Ray has shown me floorplans, taste, operations, logos, ad designs, offers and much more over the last several years.

Below is one of the first LOGOS that got things rolling as we developed his a for REACH magazine. I think that my first ad for Ray’s new restaurant was in May of 2007 when he opened his first restaurant location in Kettering.

You can also learn more at his web site: http://hotheadburritos.com/

If you would like an advertising consultation for your business concerning REACH magazine, please do not hesitate to call me, Peter DeMott, at 937-478-6222 or you can email me at peter@photosbypdemott.com.