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February 19, 2017

Summer Blood Drive and Prize 2015

Win a Trip for Two to Hawaii

Each summer for the past many years REACH Magazine has been one of the  sponsors for the Community Blood Center’s summer blood drive.

Summer is a time when donations go down, but at the same time it is a time when demand goes up. By having a prize the Community Blood Center is able to even things out a little bit.

This is also one way that REACH Magazine ties into the community and supports the community here in the Greater Dayton market.

It’s very easy to participate. Just call or go online to schedule to give blood within the time period listed and you are entered to win the vacation. It’s that easy. Every person counts and you could save a life by participating in this blood drive.

See below, the back cover of the JULY edition of REACH Magazine.

Family Fun_DA0715

June 2014 REACH Magazine cover for Dayton features Air Show

The Vectrin Dayton Air Show

The June REACH Magazine features the Vectrin Dayton Air Show on the cover along with more details about featured performances on the back cover.

Why Does REACH Choose to Tie-in with Major Local Events?

We choose to tie-in with some major events with cover real estate in the REACH Magazine because we are a part of this community. This is also a benefit to both our consumers who LOVE REACH Magazine and to our advertisers who enjoy increased exposure because of the interest in major community events.

Peter DeMott, REACH Magazine, 937-478-6222, pdemott@reachusa.com

Back cover June

Don’t get tripped up as the economy improves says Art Helmstetter business consultant

What Your Business Needs Most in 2013 – Good News & Bad News

• The good news is that the businesses of many of my clients are seeing stronger growth this year. 

• The bad news is that this growth can present a significant risk to their businesses.


First, why are we experiencing business growth this year?

• Pent up demand from customers who held off buying due to concern over the economy.

• Your customers’ businesses are growing and they need to increase their capacity.

• Interest rates are low, but rates may be headed up for loans to make purchases.

• There are fewer suppliers now because many competitors did not survive the last 5 years.

Great, so what’s the problem?

Things have really changed in business, and greater changes are coming faster than ever before.  What you did to survive the last 5 years is not what is needed now, especially if you are the owner or manager of a privately held business. Over the past 5 years most people managed their business: increasing efficiency, streamlining, and cutting costs which worked well for the conditions that existed then.  But now you need to provide leadership to seize opportunities and avoid risk.  You need to motivate your customers to buy, your staff to work hard and to stay with you.  But how is leadership different from management?  Management skills are just a small part of leadership.  Let’s look at what leadership skills include.

Business Skills – vision, planning, problem solving

Management skills – performance management, delegation, coaching and development

Intrapersonal Skills – drive and initiative, composure, action orientation

Interpersonal skills – listening, building relationships, approachability


In this high growth environment problems can arise due to:

Mismatch of increased demand to capacity, especially when demand is highly variable.  The risk is that you will not be able to meet demand or to achieve the level of service that your customers expect from your company.  Once your reputation is damaged it is extremely difficult to rebuild it.

Maintaining quality: when people and machines are under pressure, older equipment may be used, new employees are hired quality will typically suffer

Retaining and Motivating Employees: with an improving economy employees are more likely to leave, and possibly go to a competitor

Higher customer demands: improving business may catch your customers by surprise and they may have more rush orders, or orders for products they have not bought from you before or at quality standards that are different.


What are the solutions?

LEAD your company to seize opportunity while reducing risk by doing the following things which I call the 4 A’s:

Awareness of your situation: objectively seeing the situation from a strategic perspective.  It is easy to get caught up in the activity and fall into crisis management rather than strategic leadership.

Analysis – Analyze  your options and how you can innovate to improve productivity and leverage resources.

Action – Act decisively once you have evaluated the risks and rewards to build your capabilities and capacity.

Accountability – Create formal goals that are strategically significant and measurable; and assign them the appropriate people responsibility for achieving them with tangible rewards.

These actions take a lot of discipline and leadership qualities that may be outside your comfort zone.  However solid leadership is absolutely proven time and again to be the foundation of successful companies that survive in good times and bad.



Art Helmstetter is a business mentor and coach specialized in leadership development.  If you need help due to increased growth, or if your business is not growing, the help of an advisory board or business mentor can make the difference.  You can learn more about leadership at www.OhioBusinessHelp.com.  If you would like to discuss your situation with Art at no cost, you can contact him at 937-985-0481 or at arthelmstetter@b2bplanner.com.


Win a 2012 Ford Focus from the Community Blood Center in greater Dayton

REACH sponsors Community Blood Center blood drive

Each year for the past several years REACH magazine has co-sponsored the Community Blood Center summer blood drive. Summer, when everyone goes outside to play with increased risks of injuries (motor cycles, ATVs, bicycles etc.) there is an increase in the need for blood for emergencies. At the same time, with people so busy and going on vacations and short trips, there is typically a drop in the supply of blood.

Win a red Ford Focus

This is why the Community Blood Center runs some exciting promotions in the summer. The promotion below is from May 29th thru September 1st, 2012. By scheduling to give blood during this time period, you are automatically entered to possibly win a brand new 2012 Red Ford Focus provided by Dave Knapp Ford Lincoln Mercury of Greenville, Ohio.

Get a free T-Shirt too

In addition the Community Blood Center is giving everyone a pretty cool looking T-shirt as well with the slogan, “iFocus on Saving Lives”. There are two different T-Shirt designs depending on the time period when you give blood. They are also subject to “limited sizes and available while supplies last”.

Summer blood drive in Dayton, Ohio

This is the ad that will appear on the back cover of the July edition of REACH Magazine here in the Dayton market. To schedule a blood donation call: 937-461-3450 or 1-800-388-GIVE (4483) or click on this link GIVE BLOOD IN DAYTON AREA

What makes REACH Magazine Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine?

Unlike some of the other coupon magazines in town, rather than putting coupons on the back cover and even on the front cover of our magazine, we seek to serve the community by using seasonal covers and local tie-ins of significance to the community and in some cases promotions like this blood drive. By keeping our covers clean and uncluttered with coupons, we better serve our advertisers because the magazine have a better shelf life in the homes of consumers.

Be informed as a business owner by learning what REACH can do for your business

Right now is a great time to be working on late summer and fall promotions in REACH Magazine here in the greater Dayton market. We have zones, regions, half and full-page ads as well as other advertising options for those who do not want to offer incentives to consumers. We also offer call tracking to show you just how much better REACH is than the other “we’re like REACH Magazine only cheaper” folks out there (don’t believe everything you hear – Price is not the most important question you need to ask a direct mail company. More important is to compare the ROI or “Return On Investment” for your advertising. To consider price alone when buying advertising is just foolish and can be a significant mistake.)

Plan NOW for your advertising 40-60-90 days from now

We work 45-60 days in advance of each mailing date with magazines delivering in-homes the first week of each month 12 times per year. Give me a call and I can do some research on your type of business and come by and present what I find to you so you can explore your options with Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine* (*THE MEDIA AUDIT).

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • Valpak • Housetrends • peter@photosbypdemott.com • 937-478-6222

P.S. I would like to try giving someone a presentation over the internet using SKYPE. If you are interested in doing this please give me a call so we can schedule something.

Dayton Vectren Air show Presented by Kroger on the Cover of June REACH Magazine

JUNE REACH Magazine Cover

REACH magazine, Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine, is again featuring the Dayton Vectren Air Show Presented by Kroger on the front cover. However, in the past it has always been the feature cover on the July issue. This year the air show has been moved earlier in the month of July (Hopefully this with help with the heat issue that so often arrives in late July), so in order to get the word out earlier, we featured the air show cover on our JUNE edition of REACH arriving in-homes the first week of June.

Here is the cover with details both on the cover and inside about how to get your ticket and the dates of the show.

Dayton Vectrin Air Show featured on the cover of popular REACH Magazine on June edition

Why have a clean cover without coupons on it?

From time to time REACH magazine will feature local major events to more effectively connect with the consumers in the Dayton and Cincinnati area. Reds baseball, Dayton Dragons baseball, Wright state Raiders basketball, and more have been featured on our covers. As a business owner you can take advantage of the good will that REACH has generated in the community through these community tie-ins. Consumers love the fact that there are no coupons on the cover of REACH Magazine and that they can review the magazine throughout the month intact (not with a cut up cover like some other magazines in Dayton, some of the other coupon magazines have coupons right on the front cover which is a major disadvantage to the businesses which advertise inside since it becomes more likely that the magazine will be discarded based on appearance or based on it being cut up ).

Consider advertising in Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine

If you own a small or medium-sized business in the Dayton or Cincinnati area and would like to know more about this powerful targeted direct mail advertising, please call Peter DeMott at 937-478-6222 or email peter@photosbypdemott.com . Peter has almost 20 years experience and is highest sales for JUNE for both Dayton and Cincinnati REACH magazine. He must be doing something right for his clients because they stick with him and REACH magazine for many years.

REACH offers:

• Target marketing areas so you can focus geographically the consumers that are most likely to become your regular repeating customers.

• Full market advertisingg to 260,000 homes in the Dayton market and over 550,000 homes in the Cincinnati market.

• Complete ad development and advice on incentive offers that have perceived value among consumers. One critical aspect of incentive marketing is the importance of capturing the attention of consumers with offers that they value enough to respond to. Poor ad development can lead to poor results.

• Online coupons coincide with distribution by direct mail of your coupon ad

• Experienced sales consultants who want your business to be successful. We are not just selling ad space as some advertising sales people do, but rather we present our knowledge of what makes consumers take action in your category of business.

• A magazine that consumers LOVE more than any other coupon magazine in the Dayton market. Consumers vote by responding more to REACH Magazine than any other magazine in the market.

February 2012 REACH Magazine in Dayton looks exciting

It looks to me like we will hit another one out of the ball park with the February edition of REACH Magazine.

What are the things that will make consumers want to look through their REACH Magazine this issue? Why will they hang on to their REACH Magazine and review it often giving all our advertisers repeated exposure throughout the month?

The cover is fun and exciting:

As I’ve mentioned before, there are other coupon magazines distributed in the greater Dayton area that litter their covers with coupons and advertising. If you ask people why they like REACH Magazine the best, many times you will hear something like this, “REACH is like a real magazine”. What they mean when you ask them, is that the cover is appealing and they are willing for REACH to lay about their homes for a longer period than the other magazines.

REACH covers appeal to consumers and create excitement for the community

Another thing that you will notice about REACH Magazine covers is that we make an effort to create interesting seasonal covers that will appeal to consumers in the greater Dayton area. Some times it will be a family and other times it might be something like UD Sports or Wright State Sports, or the Air show. Whatever it is, our goal is to give that magazine a reason to lay around for many weeks in the home.

Here is the cover of the February edition / Isn’t this just FUN?

On the back cover you will see the 17th annual Dayton Heart Ball for the American Heart Association. Nice tie-in with the front cover.

Yo Deal • Local deals – local causes

The Yo Deal roll out in Dayton is also tied in with the American Heart Association. Each company running a YoDeal this month will have a percentage of their Yo Deal sales go to the American Heart Association and the Go RED for Women American Heart Association month of focus on women and heart disease.

Valentines Giveaway is fun and exciting for consumers

Also on the back cover is a register to win Valentines Giveaway including a romantic package at Homewood Suites by Hilton Dayton, Dinner for two at Carvers, two dozen red roses from Englewood Florist and a heart-shaped box of chocolates from Winans. The fun thing about this is that it is easy to register and we hand the gifts over to a local Dayton area winner here at our office. Each back cover of REACH Magazine in Dayton has something you can register to win. It’s another fun way that REACH Magazine connects with the community and with consumers.

Now for the meat of what consumers love most about REACH Magazine

They love what’s inside. This issue is packed with over 18 different food vendors from fine dining to pizza delivery, from Mexican restaurants to Chinese restaurants and buffets and Japanese steak houses. With all that food, consumers have a good reason to hang on to the magazine until the next issue arrives and as they look through the magazine deciding where they might want to dine out, they also see variety in the other kinds of businesses represented. There are jewelers, home improvement companies, various home services, automotive maintenance and repair companies, car washes, tanning salons, hair salons, recreation venues even plastic surgeons and dentists. Consumers never know exactly what is going to be inside their REACH magazine so everyone looks through the magazine. The bigger the magazine the more excited consumers are to look through it.

Advertising in REACH Magazine is easy • Use the power of direct mail coupons in Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine

Is it time to find out how REACH Magazine can help you reach the customers you want? Feel free to drop me a line or send me an email. Tell me they type of business you have and I will research through our archives in Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Youngstown and other markets to find similar businesses that are doing well in REACH Magazine. Then we can go over the zone map and various pricing and advertising options that make the most sense for your type of business and budget. It’s easy to become informed about this powerful direct mail advertising option so that you can make informed choices to grow your business in Dayton Ohio and beyond.

Call today and become informed about the REACH Magazine, Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine

Call today: Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • Dayton, OHIO • YoDEAL Dayton • Housetrends Magazine Dayton • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com • pdemott@reachusa.com

YoDeal Dayton rolls out with a big splash on the cover of REACH magazine

On the cover and in the magazine

We are rolling out YoDeal Dayton with the cover of the February REACH magazine. The YoDeal charity this month is the American Heart Association and highlights the month of February as the Go Red promotion about women and heart disease.

The YoDeal difference

YoDeal is different from the other online “buy it now and save” programs in that YoDeal contributes a percentage of every purchase to the charity that the business chooses. We will soon have local choices where every YoDeal purchase will support a local charity. Another way that YoDeal is different is that some of the deals will be promoted inside REACH Magazine at the beginning of each month. Some other “buy it here and save” sites are doing this in other magazines, but in some cases 100% of the proceeds from sales first goes to pay for the magazine ad before the business gets any money at all. With YoDeal, the businesses with print promotion in REACH begin to rake in the dollars with the first deal purchased (there is no charge to the business if they are chosen for REACH Magazine promotion of their deal).

Here is the Cincinnati YoDeal page showing various charities that are participating there. Our page will reflect the charities that businesses in Dayton would like to support.

YoDeal Cincinnati Page showing local charities

Here is an example of a page inside the February REACH Magazine promoting YoDeals. These may not be live yet, but you can go to YoDeal.com and sign up for the email notification so that you never miss a great deal.

Would you like to know more about how YoDeal can promote your business with no upfront costs?

For more information about YoDeal marketing opportunities in Dayton, Ohio please call me at 937-478-6222 (Peter DeMott). You can also email me at pdemott@reachusa.com

• Not ad design charges

• SEO juice for your business – lots of word of mouth advertising as your YoDeal gets spread through social media

• Links to your website and contact information

• Local tie-in the charities that consumers want to support and know will help people locally gives your business good marks

• FREE print promotion inside REACH Magazine (Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine) may be included (subject to management discretion)

LINK to get you started: Simple pdf form that you can fill out and fax to me at 937-534-0483 to get started or consider running in YoDeal

• FREE eREACH business profile and online coupons offer

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine Dayton • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachusa.com


Daily deals with a couple good twists for Dayton Ohio

With a plurality of daily deals popping up at every corner, which one does a business choose in Dayton, Ohio?

There are the national companies like Living social and Groupon. Then there are all kinds of spin off versions of the exact same thing.

yodeal.com, local deals, local causes is coming to Dayton.

I will be posting more about this as I become more informed, but here are a couple advantages of yodeal. First off the business can get closer to 65% of every deal sold rather than the 50/50 split that most of the others offer. But, the big difference is that your yodeal is linked to a local cause or charity of your choosing and a percentage of every sales is donated to that local charity on behalf of you business. Not only does this do your soul some good, but the local charity can send the rally cry to make sure everyone notices your daily deal and takes advantage of it.

There is more to come, but for now I would encourage you to go ahead and log-on the yodeal with your name and email address. I will add more posts here as I learn more about the ins and outs of yodeal in Dayton. If you are a business wanting to do something a little different and possibly be featured in ads in REACH magazine, give me a call now. Peter DeMott 937-478-6222.


Until I have some more information for you, here are some sample deals that have run in Cincinnati and some of the Charities that have benefitted.

YoDeal Local Charities benefit

If you would like to learn more about Yodeal in Dayton, please give me a call.

REACH Magazine • Peter DeMott • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachusa.com

Community Blood Center gives away Jeep Patriot during summer blood drive

Each year for the last three years REACH Magazine has been one of the sponsors for the Community Blood Center’s summer blood drive. From May through September 1st anyone who registers to give blood is entered into a drawing for some grand prize. This year it was a Jeep Patriot. Last year it was two Harley Davidson motorcycles. The year before that, it was a Honda Civic.

The idea is that summer is their slowest blood donation time because of summer vacations and because people are so busy at play outdoors. At the same time, it is a time of the year when there is the greatest need. By promoting with the super fantastic prize, people are encouraged to give blood between May and September 1st.

Here is the winner of the Jeep Patriot this year:

This year they announce that there were over 2000 new blood donors during the prize give-a-way time. The REACH Magazine back cover Event or Cause ad was about the promotion in our January issue.

New Media Dayton about Blogging Panel Discussion & Presentation

Dayton Childrens Hospital and others discussing blogging

Today at the New Media Dayton networking meeting there was a panel discussion / presentation about blogging.

The presenters were:

• Jessica Saunders – Dayton Childrens Hospital

• Erin Paulson – TricomB2B (an advertising agency)

• Grace Rodney – Dayton Childrens Hospital

• Betsy Woods – Care Source

Why Blog?

They discussed how they bring traffic to their companies with blogging and how they involve many within the company in the blogging process. For example at Dayton Childrens Medical Center they have someone pregnant blogging, now she has toddlers and she continues to blog about child safety and other concerns. They also have a doctor that blogs and guest bloggers once each week. The look to have 3 main blog posts each week.

If you are not going to blog at least on a semi regular basis, don’t add it to your web site

If you have a blog with no activity, that is not a good thing. It reflects poorly and should be taken down rather than stay up with no activity for the last 6 months. One company indicated that they shoot for about one blog post each week which is good for them.

Promote your blog with facebook and twitter and in your printed materials

To gain a broader audience the panel suggested linking from various places like facebook and twitter. Sometimes bringing links to major editorial content from major newspapers or other publications can also provide people more content on a topic so they can drill down on a particular subject that you are discussing. The “content” within your blog is what becomes the search content for Google searches and increases traffic to your web site/blog. If people find compelling content, then they post links, twitter and facebook the blog increasing traffic even more and gaining a broader audience and more readers.

Personal touches

I liked what Childrens Hospital did with a sidebar on their blogs. They have a photograph of the blogger and a short bio explaining more about the person blogging. It brings a personal face to the content. There is a balance for this and one of the presenters shared about having and editor for the blog that can filter out blog posts that are too personal or too unrelated to the company’s purposes and goals for the blog. But, it was agreed that being personally invested and sharing personal perspectives can increase reader appeal in a big way.

Having compelling or interesting content and even headlines is also important. I personally find that my subscription to a blog called Coppyblogger is helpful in challenging my thinking about headlines and compelling content for my two blog/web sites.

Here are a couple of the examples provided by Childrens Hospital:




You are welcome to visit my photography web site and blog as well:


Panel discussion about blogging at New Media Dayton

If you would like to be more connected and stay up to date with what is happening with social media and the internet, consider become a member of the Linked In GROUP New Media Dayton or subscribe to their web site. They have meet ups and a meeting like this one once each month when you can learn more about NEW MEDIA and meet people who are successfully using new media for their businesses or the companies they work for.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine in Dayton • pdemott@reachusa.com • 937-478-6222


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