January 22, 2017

Community Blood Center gives away Jeep Patriot during summer blood drive

Each year for the last three years REACH Magazine has been one of the sponsors for the Community Blood Center’s summer blood drive. From May through September 1st anyone who registers to give blood is entered into a drawing for some grand prize. This year it was a Jeep Patriot. Last year it was two Harley Davidson motorcycles. The year before that, it was a Honda Civic.

The idea is that summer is their slowest blood donation time because of summer vacations and because people are so busy at play outdoors. At the same time, it is a time of the year when there is the greatest need. By promoting with the super fantastic prize, people are encouraged to give blood between May and September 1st.

Here is the winner of the Jeep Patriot this year:

This year they announce that there were over 2000 new blood donors during the prize give-a-way time. The REACH Magazine back cover Event or Cause ad was about the promotion in our January issue.

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