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February 19, 2017

Diary of a REACH magazine ad in Dayton, part two

PROOF ready for review

Today I was pleased with the results of the PROOF for the ad for City Views Diner. Kim had gone so far as to visit the client’s web site and added something she liked from what she saw there.

Time to try the Bronx Bomber Burger Basket

I decided that I would stop by for lunch. I thought I would try the Bronx Bomber Burger Basket from the menu which I had selected as a price point coupon for the ad. If Paul Mussolino had time, I would ask him to sit down with me and go over the proof. If he was too busy I would leave the proof and arrange to stop by on Monday. As it turned out, I was a bit early for lunch and he had a few minutes to go over the proof.

Changes to the ad

As Paul looked at the proof a concerned look came over his face. “Paul, this is the proof, we can make any changes that you like,” I said. And he explained that he did not want to show a picture of his 9-11 memorial wall. He explained that he would not want to appear to be using the wall to promote his business and that when people come in, they can see it. At that point I showed him the other pictures that I had taken earlier in the week. I was able to pull them up on my iPhone. I explained that I thought his concerns were perfectly understandable and sensitive to people effected by the 9-11 tragedy. We found one of the other images would be just right and I made a note of it on the proofing form.

He added “kids meals” and something about his Sunday brunch as well and made one price change on the Bronx Bomber Burger Basket coupon by 4¢.

At that point he had to get back to the kitchen to finish up my hamburger which came with potato salad and pickle and was very filling and tasty. I payed my bill and when he came back for a moment, I asked if he had any other changes. Nope, that looks good. I explained that I would have the FINAL for him and would need to pick up his payment early next week which he said would be fine.

Back at the office I went over the changes carefully writing them out for Kim and turned the proof with changes in. When Kim had made the changes I will be posting the half page ad here (with Paul’s permission) and you are welcome to print it out and use the coupons even before it publishes in the February edition of REACH.

Peter DeMott • 927-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com • REACH magazine in Dayton, Ohio

Just as an aside, yesterday I was please to sign a large dollar agreement with a long time client of mine. This is just to say that I work with very small and very large advertising budgets in this market and also for Cincinnati REACH magazine (companies headquartered in Dayton).  I work with clients spending as little as $395.00 per month to clients signing agreements for $100,000+ for a year long marketing plan in REACH magazine in Dayton and Cincinnati. I think that if you spoke to any of my clients they would tell you that I am their trusted ally providing needed input and ideas for the growth of there business here in Dayton, Ohio.

Don’t forget to stop by City Views Dinner for lunch or dinner some time soon.

City Views Diner is just East of I-675 on Indian Ripple Rd in the shopping center just as you pass the Speed Way gas station and only a couple blocks from The Greene. City Views Diner • 937-838-0812 • 3979 Indian Ripple Rd. • www.cityviewsdiner.com

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