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February 19, 2017

Do Your “Civic” Duty & Give Blood

Recently we had a young friend in the hospital in ICU for almost a week. He needed blood because of complications resulting from removal of his spleen. It was touch and go, but without the needed blood transfusions he would not have survived. This is one reason that I am so pleased to announce the Event/Cause REACH magazine back cover promotion on JULY edition of our magazine.



We are helping to promote the Community Blood Center’s blood drive. It’s called, “Do Your Civic Duty” and the promotion is actually very exciting. Matt Castrucci Auto Mall helped with a 2009 Honda Civic. The REACH ad and magazine have distribution to 260,000 homes throughout the Dayton area. The rules are available online, but basically all you have to do is to give blood during a time when supplies tend to get seriously low (summer vacation season) from July 6th to September 5th. This is also a time when there are sometimes higher needs. In addition to entering your name in the drawing they will be giving out gifts of either first aid kits or tire gages to everyone who participates. Here is the promotion that you will see this week on the back cover of REACH Magazine:


You can find a location and schedule your donation by going to the Community Blood Center web site. The odds of winning are totally determined by the number of people who participate. There will be a winner and it could be YOU. Just do your “Civic” duty.

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