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February 19, 2017

Home & Garden Show on March 23rd to 25th in Dayton to grow your business

Home shows can be great for business

I have quite a few home improvement clients in REACH Magazine in both Dayton and Cincinnati. One thing they tell me is that they do very well at the home shows in the early part of the year. What I find is that the contractors that I work with tend to be the ones that know how to engage with consumers. They answer their phones when leads come in from REACH magazine and they engage with consumers well at the home shows as well.

If you are any type of home improvement company it is worth your while to do two things to grow your business in Dayton.

First learn to engage with consumers in a way that builds trust and confidence in your company and your services. At home shows that mean not being overly aggressive, but it also means showing that you are open to answer questions. Watching the game on your cell phone or texting will encourage possible customers to move on to the next company with a similar product. There may be 10,000 or more prospects walking through a typical home show and yet every year I hear from some businesses that they hate home shows and never get anything out of them. At the same time I hear from my clients that home shows are their best ROI per dollar spent to generate client relationships and sales.

Second is to answer your darn phones. As I call businesses to tell them about REACH and how it can grow their home improvement business, I am baffled by the number of businesses that let calls go to voice mail or an answering machine. When I “confront” them on this problem with their business, they tell me that most of their business is from referrals and people will leave a message. The problem is that they are completely wrong in this respect. If a referral calls they may know something about your business from their person who referred them. Yes, they might leave a message, but for the person calling from a yellow pages ad, a newspaper ad, a radio or tv ad, or even a REACH Magazine ad, they don’t know you and they will typically NOT leave a message for someone they do not know.

From the fact that your phone rolled over to an answering machine or voice mail here are some things that an average consumer might think about your business:

1) Could be a guy working out of a broken down station wagon.

2) Might be someone who is just starting out and doesn’t know what they are doing.

3) I don’t want someone playing phone tag with me, I’m too busy so I will call the next place on my list.

4) If he/she is this hard to reach what will happen when I have a problem with some work he/she has done for me?

What to do?

Here’s the deal. If you must have your phone go to voice mail from time to time make sure that the message says you will call them back within 5-10 minutes as soon as you get down off the latter or finish up with another valued client. Alternatively, if you just cannot answer your phone very often, then hire a good answering service that can text you with messages as they come in. Make sure they have a good script for how quickly you can get back with them (especially for new prospects).

If you want to grow your business you have to be willing to engage with prospects whether at the home shows or on your phone.

Maybe I’ll see you at this home show:

Dayton Home and Garden Show

Click on this image to go to the web site for this show

My best clients know how to engage consumers to create trust and confidence.

After home shows, they tell me that REACH Magazine is their best lead source. If you would like to learn more about REACH Magazine and receive a business consultation from me at no charge, please feel free to call me at 937-478-6222. I have helped many Dayton area businesses do better and grow even before their REACH magazine ad hits the streets. If your business is not a good fit for REACH magazine, or Housetrends Magazine, or ValPak coupons, or eREACH.com, or YoDEAL then you’ll have learned a lot. If your company is a good fit, I am going to make appropriate recommendations and we can go forward from there.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine in Dayton and Cincinnati • peter@photosbypdemott.com • 937-478-6222

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