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February 19, 2017

Summer advertising in Dayton Ohio with REACH Magazine

Time to think about your advertising for summer:

The May edition of REACH Magazine is headed for homes next week (May 2011) and we are now working on REACH Magazine for June, July and August (Summer advertising). The June edition is also a great venue to advertise FATHER’s DAY gifts/ideas/recreational opportunities.

Not every business is right for REACH magazine:

One way that I consider who to call on is to look at REACH Magazines in other markets like Indianapolis IN, Evansville KY, Cincinnati OH, Youngstown OH and others to see what categories are working and in some cases which categories of business we do not have represented in our magazine here in Dayton. Consumers LOVE REACH Magazine and one of the things they like is the variety of types of businesses represented in the magazine. If the magazine was all replacement window companies or all insurance companies, then it would have a much shorter shelf life and people would stop looking through the magazine.

But, we have lots of variety and consumers are always curious as to what they will see next in the magazine. This is just one reason why REACH is still the most popular coupon magazine in the Dayton market. Another reason is our seasonal and attractive covers.

Before I show you the May cover, let me ask you if you can help me with getting some new vendors into REACH. As I said, I look for companies that are doing well with REACH in other markets, but that are not currently represented in Dayton’s REACH Magazine. If you know someone in the following categories of business that wants to grow their residential consumer part of their business, please give me a call. I will call them, show them the REACH Magazine program, help them determine if there is a good fit for their company, discuss options from a targeted zone mailing to an entire market mailing, then help them to design an effective ad with appropriate incentives to drive consumers response.

Businesses that want to expand their consumer sector:

Right now I am looking for the following types of business for participation in our summer  mailings. We are also looking for businesses that want to participate in the JULY Airshow cover issue and the August Back to School/early fall issue.

• Plumbers (although it seems that many plumbers are busy helping people deal with drains and flooding issues, sumps and etc. we have plumbers in several markets that advertise on a regular basis. Generally speaking, most intelligent business owners do not continue doing advertising that is not performing for them. That is unless they just don’t know if something is working, however with REACH response is measurable because coupons and dollars spent can be tallied from each mailing)

• Painters

• Driveway replacement, both asphalt and concrete

• Paver patios

• Irrigation

• Landscaping, clean-ups

• House washing, deck washing, power washing

• Car wash

• Catering for weddings, graduations, corporate picnics and events

• Wildlife Nuisance Control

• Flight Training Center, airplane, helicopter

• Restaurants / large and small – we always do very well for most restaurants and we can get good response without giving 50% OFF (in REACH Magazine you do not have to give 50% OFF like with Groupon and other HALF OFF programs currently making their rounds in the Dayton market)

Preview of the May REACH Magazine:

As I mentioned above, REACH Magazine covers are season and pleasant to look at because we want a magazine that has a substantial shelf life. Consider how the average consumer responds to something cluttered with coupons on the cover. If it looks cluttered and unattractive how long will it last in the home? How long until a magazine with a coupon on the front, perhaps with the coupon cut out of the cover, how long will it last before it hits the circular file. At REACH we purposefully have pleasant looking seasonal covers with local community tie-ins that consumers appreciate and keep around the home for many weeks.

Keep a look out for the May edition of REACH Magazine arriving in homes the first week of May. Here is the cover of the REACH Magazine for May 2011. Don’t miss your opportunity to support the Humane Society of Greater Dayton with their Furry Skurry event (See back cover).

If you would like to know more about REACH Magazine in Dayton, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. My free consultation includes an overview of REACH options, sample successful ads from other markets within your category of business, 20 years experience developing incentive offers that generate excitement among consumers and more.

Why IS REACH Magazine Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine? As a business owner wouldn’t it be good for you to be fully informed about options that could effect the long term growth of your business and wouldn’t it be good to find out why we outperform other coupon magazines in this market. Last wouldn’t it be good to understand incentive marketing and how it could benefit you? It costs nothing for you to be fully informed so that you can make good decisions about your business advertising program.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine – Dayton • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com

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