April 27, 2015

April 2015 REACH Magazine arriving in homes by magic

Like Magic!

For consumers it seems like magic when they need a product or service and the very next week REACH magazine arrives in their mailbox with just the right products and services.

Working a month or two ahead to get consumers what they want

Our advertising consultants are always discussing well in advance which categories of business consumers want and when. Some businesses can advertise pretty much year round and get consistent results. Others have target seasons that are critical, times when consumers are getting estimates, making honey-do lists of things that need to be fixed, and getting a vision for what their home or yards will look like in the coming weeks.

May can be a VERY strong sales month for some businesses

We are just around the corner from the deadline for the May edition of REACH Magazine. Consumers typically have a much brighter and happier outlook once the drab gray color of winter is replaced with new landscaping, green freshly cut grass, a new patio, fixed gutters and so on.

Get your name in front of the eyes of consumers ready to spend money

Are you ready to dive into spring sales for your consumer focused business? Because they will soon be in a much better mood and ready to spend on the projects they want to get done this spring.

Print, Email, and Online coupons to get consumers off the fence

In addition to our print ads inside REACH Magazine we offer our clients featured listing in our eREACH.com coupon newsletter and coupons on our new REACH Magazine App. To find out more about any of this and to have me search our multi-city archives for a business similar to yours that is having success with REACH magazine, just give me a call here in Dayton at 937-478-6222 (Peter DeMott, 30 years experience). Or, you can click on additional REACH information in the menu above.

Here is the April cover of REACH Magazine in Dayton, Ohio:


The 1,2,3 of Advertising in REACH Magazine in Dayton

First you need to right target audience

When you choose any form of advertising, it is important to find out something about that media’s target audience. We have several with REACH Magazine.


REACH Magazine is opened by all and at least looked through. Everyone checks their mail, usually daily and REACH Magazine is delivered into their mailbox. Because we have lots of food and recreational activities in the magazine, one of our most powerful target audiences are FAMILIES.

Another benefit for you company that REACH is so popular (data, THE MEDIA AUDIT) is that all these ads for food and recreation give the magazine a long shelf life in the home. Families will go back to the magazine when it is time for a PIZZA, or when they need an OIL CHANGE, or when they want to try out a new CHINESE Restaurant. Each time they go looking for these things, your ad can be seen again and again.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.19.56 PM


Another big part of what REACH offers is GEOGRAPHIC target areas. We mail all of the available addresses in given neighborhoods such that if you are a retail business with a bricks and mortar building location, you can focus your advertising budget in your primary target, those who live and work closest to your location and who are most likely to become regular repeating customers.


Consumer Trust

Many businesses are surprised about the power of REACH Magazine’s history in the market. This benefits you in two ways. First, because we have been a trusted name in direct mail advertising here in Dayton for so long, consumers bring some of that trust over to the businesses represented in the magazine. Many businesses over the years have expressed to me, their consultant, that consumers are not as suspicious when the lead comes from REACH Magazine. Although this does not make the sale for them, it is something that can make a noticeable difference.

Archived and Current Success stories

Second, since REACH has been around so long we have a deep file of ads that work. As a business interested in considering REACH advertising, I would do some research to find similar businesses who have or are currently advertising in REACH. If I find a similar business that is currently and consistently using REACH magazine in another market, then we already have some proven offers or incentives and even ad design to base your ad on. It might be a combination of a headline, photos, and coupons that have been proven effective which we can use in the design of your ad.


Last of all testing and measuring need to occur to evaluate your REACH ad. We have the tool of the coupon being redeemed, but we also offer call tracking for phone oriented sales companies. If an incentive offer is not generating enough activity for a business, we sometimes try again with a new more aggressive offer. Once the right combination is in place, ads that work can run throughout the year or at important seasons for the individual business.

My Experience

If you would like to learn more about REACH Magazine and whether or not it might be a good fit for your business, please give me a call. I was recently rewarded by the company for 30 years of service and I am one of the top sellers in REACH Magazine. I have clients who have been with me for 10,20, and 30 years and who have grown their businesses because of REACH Magazine.

Peter DeMott – REACH Magazine – 937-478-6222

If my kids were little, I would be using this business


All my children are in college or beyond now, but if they were little I would be using this service.

When I stopped in to visit this business for consideration in REACH Magazine, it was clear to me that this could be a hot item in our magazine. When we present to businesses, we want businesses that we feel that consumers want and this in my estimation is one that will likely do very well.


Their clients bubble over with praise

As I was talking to the owner of the business several parents came in to pick up their child or children. In each case, when I asked about the service, they bubbled over with praise.


In the old days (showing my age)

In my day, if you could not find the appropriate high schooler who happened to be free that night, you could not go shopping without the “kiddles” or perhaps that date you wanted with your wife would be postponed. With this service, once your are registered ($15 and forms once per year) you can show up any time they are open and just drop off your kids confident that they will have a grand time. The parents who I spoke with indicated that their children keep asking them when they get to go back to Kidz Watch in Dayton.


Show their ad to your friends when you see it in REACH Magazine

Here is the ad that will come out in REACH magazine on February 1st, but the owner has indicated to me that any first time client may use this coupon to try out their service so long as they pay the registration fee of $15 and fill out the appropriate (state required) paperwork. Once you are registered, just bring in the coupon for your first visit and your first hour is completely FREE. Hoping they do well in REACH because I think consumers with kids are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this business.


If you have a business that you think consumers will love, please give me a call. These are the kinds of businesses we want in REACH magazine.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.26.48 PM


Located in the Crosspoint Shopping Centre at the corner of Ste Rte 48 and Alex-Bell Rd. just off I-675.

If you use this, please tell them I sent you. Much appreciated.

Wedding Planning season is approaching and REACH Magazine can help

Here in the Dayton, Ohio market, we are again going to feature a bride on the cover of our January edition of REACH Magazine. Inside there will be a section of the magazine devoted to all sorts of wedding professionals.

In addition there will be a $25,000.00 wedding package give away to help draw the attention of brides in this market.


260,000 homes will receive this REACH magazine with the wedding planning guide inside at a time when many brides are excited to start thinking about their special day. You see some of them got engaged during the holidays before during and after Christmas and New years day.

If you are a wedding professional with either services or products that brides purchase for their special day please give me a call or email me. I will send you the information about ad sizes and prices. Complete design of your ad is included at no extra charge.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 3.01.54 PM

eREACH coupon Newsletter for the Dayton market

Would you like to receive a list of several fun family oriented coupon opportunities in your email inbox just one time a week?  Consider signing up at eREACH.com with your zip code and sign up for the newsletter. We will not inundate you with emails every day. Just one email each week on Thursday so you will have time to look it over for the weekend. Here is a sample of how the newsletter looks with links to online coupons that you can print out and use.

eREACH Newsletter Sample-Click HEREScreen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.55.35 AM

Sign up here for your eREACH email coupon newsletter for the Dayton area. See SUBSCRIBE Flag at very tippy top of page.

If you would like your business featured in our eREACH coupon newsletter, just give me a call to learn more about REACH Magazine in the Dayton or Cincinnati markets. I have over 25 years experience helping small businesses grow through direct mail targeted incentive marketing.

Peter DeMott • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachUSA.com

June 2014 REACH Magazine cover for Dayton features Air Show

The Vectrin Dayton Air Show

The June REACH Magazine features the Vectrin Dayton Air Show on the cover along with more details about featured performances on the back cover.

Why Does REACH Choose to Tie-in with Major Local Events?

We choose to tie-in with some major events with cover real estate in the REACH Magazine because we are a part of this community. This is also a benefit to both our consumers who LOVE REACH Magazine and to our advertisers who enjoy increased exposure because of the interest in major community events.

Peter DeMott, REACH Magazine, 937-478-6222, pdemott@reachusa.com

Back cover June

Helping a small business to grow and thrive in Dayton-Lawn Mowing in Centerville

Helping Even Very Small Businesses to Grow in Dayton

As a REACH Magazine sales representative and advertising consultant it’s fun to be able to help even very small businesses grow and thrive here in the Dayton Market.

This small business is just looking for clients that they can serve. He is very focused on customer service and making his existing clients very happy, but he also wants to spread the word a little bit too. I thought I would blog a little about it because he got a late start with me an his ad will be going into home the first week of JUNE.

Ideally he would have talked with me sooner and his ad would be hitting with our May edition this week. If you are in the Centerville area and you need a very service oriented lawn care service, please give Brian Stafford a call at 937-204-7017.

We are about to close out our JUNE edition of REACH if you want to join in the fun of growing your business through focused customer service. Call Peter DeMott, 937-478-6222 to learn more about how REACH can help even small businesses in the greater Dayton area. First Impressions

Planning your marketing and advertising for 2014

Written Planning is one thing I see in successful businesses

I’ve been around the Dayton, Ohio market for some time working in Advertising with REACH magazine since it was first published in this market.  One thing that I have noticed and frequently read about as well, is that businesses that put things in writing more often seem to reach their business and marketing goals.

Marketing and Advertising for your business

Even if the plan is to TEST some new marketing and advertising venues, putting it on your calendar makes it about 95% more likely to happen. As small business owners our attentions are pulled in so many directions that things can easily slide to the back of our minds where they quietly just fall of the list of things to do. BUT, if we have a calendar and write some things down, those things can come back to the front of our thinking, “Oh yes, I wanted to test –this or that– advertising venue.

Put your subconscious mind to work for you

The other thing that happens when you write something down, is that your subconscious mind will start working on the project even when you are not. And at the same time, you can break the project up into some smaller chunks… For Example:

Try out REACH Magazine for my business

1) Call REACH Magazine to schedule consultation

Is REACH a good fit for my type of business. Do they have similar businesses that are doing well in REACH right now?

2) Find out when the deadline is for the March edition

3) Work with experienced REACH representative to come up with effective ad creative

4) Proof the ad and make changes by deadline. Arrange for payment by this date.

5) Measure results and evaluate program

Failure and forgotten plans and goals

Businesses that do not have a calendar and written plan typically arrive at the month of March and say to themselves when they see REACH Magazine arrive in their own homes, “Darn, I wanted to try out REACH Magazine in March.” By the time that they get around to doing something  it’s fall and their plans are shelved until next spring.

I use REACH Magazine as an example to hopefully tweak your mind about trying out some advertising that you have not tried before. At the same time, I am a very strong advocate of writing down goals and plans for your business if you want to become successful or more successful.

Staying close and on-track with your spouse

Even in my marriage, I find that having a goal book helps me and my wife know each other better and be on the same page together as we go forward in life. I have a nice blank leather-bound book that we write in.  Once in a while when we go out to dinner, I pull out the book and we look at goals we have written in the book. My wife wanted to get her Masters Degree in education. I wanted to build a photography studio in the barn. I have a goal for my sales in REACH Magazine. We want to get a new countertop for the kitchen and open up a wall between our kitchen and dining room.

Sometimes we look at a goal and we revise it or even remove it, but many times we put a big check mark by it because we DID IT or we put a date on it and start working on it more diligently. In every case it helps us to know each other better and to go toward the future together as a couple. So many married couples gradually grow apart not knowing what their spouse wants and desires. One day they notice that the things they wanted to do never happened and the person they married has different interests now.

The difference between a dream and a goal

It can be that way with your business too. Many goals never even attempted because you did not write them down…. gradually those goals just fell of your list like passing dreams. If you have a goal and you don’t write it on paper where you can see it from time to time, it’s just a DREAM. It becomes a real goal when you put it on paper.

I hope you were challenged to write it down. It will make your more successful. I hope to meet you some time soon.


If you would like to learn more about the unique capabilities for targeted direct mail coupon mailings with REACH Magazine, please give me a call. Peter DeMott 937-478-6222. I work with REACH in Dayton, Cincinnati, and I can also place ads in our other markets. I have over 25 years experience in this field.

How Much does REACH Magazine Cost?

Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine always has something for consumers

The January edition is no exception with the $25,000.00 Wedding Package Give Away

In the January edition of REACH Magazine here in Dayton, Ohio, we have a featured section in the magazine just for newly engaged “brides to be”. In the featured section there is an opportunity to ENTER TO WIN a $25,000.00 Wedding package of products and services for your wedding planned in the Dayton area in 2014. Last year over 2000 brides to be entered to win and that means of course that their eyes were on those pages in the magazine. If you want to participate in the REACH Wedding Planning Guide in 2015, just call Peter DeMott NOW (937-478-6222)

There are also pages for Springfield Wedding and Event Professionals in that zoned section of the magazine along with several bridal events which are offering special coupon discounts in their ads. Save on bridal shows, wedding dresses, reception facilities, and limousines or even an officient to preside over your wedding ceremony.

Do you know someone who is getting married in 2014?

If you do know someone who is getting married in 2014, make sure that check out the January REACH Magazine and enter to win the $25,000.00 Wedding Package Give Away. Odds of wining are determined by how many enter, but it’s certainly better odds than many other things, and there is no cost to enter. You just have to be qualified. (Age 18 or above and actually getting married – You cannot enter just to have a fun party for example).

$25,000.00 Wedding package give away in Dayton, Ohio

Look for your January 2014 REACH Magazine in Dayton, OHIO to enter and win.

Date Night is another feature we are working on

The Date Night page is not just another coupon, but it is a complete meal for two from some of the nicer restaurants in the Dayton area.  For example, one restaurant has One Appetizer, One Bread, Two Entree’s, Two Deserts AND a bottle of wine – All for only $45.  Using the reserve seating call number provided with each restaurant seals the deal for the evening for you and your date.

2000 Brides and the Planning Sweet Spot of the 2014 Season – Be There!

The Wedding Planning Sweet Spot of 2014

The first quarter of 2014 is for many wedding vendors the most critical time of the year to be in front of brides. Many became engaged at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years and they know that they have to get things lined up for their special day. They know it takes at from several months to a year to get everything planned out just right. So the first quarter of the year is littered with bridal shows throughout every market.

This will be REACH’s 3rd Year for the Wedding Planning Guide inside the regular REACH Magazine in the January edition. On the cover is a bride theme and it will again draw they eyes of brides by promoting the $25,000.00 wedding package give away.

Do You Know Any Bride that wouldn’t love to have an extra $25,000 to spend on their wedding day?

For that matter, do you know a father or mother of the bride that would not like to have $25,000.00 of goods and services added to their budget for the wedding of their daughter? So, along with the fact that REACH is Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine (over 95% open and look through the magazine each month) there is a great incentive for people making wedding plans to look for this special section in the magazine.

Do YOU have a wedding related business in the greater Dayton area?

What do you need to know?

• Deadline for participation is December 2nd – You must call me by then – Peter DeMott 937-478-6222

• Ad design services are included

• Your ad will be in the January edition of REACH distributed in the Dayton metropolitan area . We mail 260,000 homes.

• The January issue will have a bridal theme on the cover and will tell consumers to look inside for the Wedding planning guide section.

• We have a variety of ad sizes and prices. Even our smallest ad can be effective because we are targeting your likely prospects by bringing them to the section with “Register to win a $25,000 wedding package give away”.

Here is one smaller ad:


Wedding Guide Graphic

January 2014 Wedding Planning Guide inside REACH Magazine

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