December 19, 2014

Wedding Planning season is approaching and REACH Magazine can help

Here in the Dayton, Ohio market, we are again going to feature a bride on the cover of our January edition of REACH Magazine. Inside there will be a section of the magazine devoted to all sorts of wedding professionals.

In addition there will be a $25,000.00 wedding package give away to help draw the attention of brides in this market.


260,000 homes will receive this REACH magazine with the wedding planning guide inside at a time when many brides are excited to start thinking about their special day. You see some of them got engaged during the holidays before during and after Christmas and New years day.

If you are a wedding professional with either services or products that brides purchase for their special day please give me a call or email me. I will send you the information about ad sizes and prices. Complete design of your ad is included at no extra charge.

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Wide open categories in Dayton advertising in REACH Magazine

Now and then I request referrals to businesses that are under represented in REACH Magazine here in Dayton. These are categories of business that are performing well in our other markets such as Indianapolis and Cincinnati. In fact, in this particular case, there are several that are doing well in the highest income areas of Cincinnati right now.

LOOKING for Dentists and Orthodontists in the Dayton and Cincinnati Markets

So, if you are a dentist or orthodontist and think that incentive marketing is not where you will gain the higher income clients that you want, think again. Let me show you how other dentists and orthodontists are employing the power of direct mail with incentive offers to get their phones ringing for new appointments and new families becoming patients for your practice.

I have many example ads from businesses that are consistently using REACH magazine to grow their practices

Here is just one example. I have dozens of other full and half page examples of dental and orthodontist practices that are regularly represented in REACH Magazine (Tell me would they continue with a program if it was not performing for them). Different markets require different approaches and I have examples of many different offers and presentations for you to review and consider for your practice.

Our CALL TRACKING service can be used to track exactly which calls originate from REACH Magazine

I will show you how our call tracking can help you more effectively determine the ROI (Return on Investment) from the advertising that you invest in. The weekly reports can also help you to fine tune your customer contacts and staff interactions with consumers.

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• Are you a dentist looking to grow your practice and patient load?

• Are you a orthodontist wanting to grow your practice and your income?

• Would you like to see examples of how other professionals are using the power of the mail box (yes, snail mail) to grow their businesses?

• Do you know a good desist or orthodontist who you would like to help with a referral to advertising that really works?

Please call me at 937-478-6222.

Peter DeMott at REACH Magazine in the Dayton and Cincinnati markets of REACH Magazine

Back to School Advertising in Dayton Ohio – Act NOW!

REACHING Parents at home with back to school decisions

Each year several companies use REACH Magazine to capture the attention of parents as they try to figure out what their children will be involved in this school year. Are you trying to reach parents during this critical decision-making time?

The REACH Magazine August edition is ideally timed

The August REACH magazine arrives in homes the week of July 28th – August 1st. If there is a decision to be made about fall activities for children, entire families, and the parents this is the time to start promoting, while schedules are being discussed and made. As schedules become more full, it is less likely they will be able to add your business to their activities list for this school year, so good timing is everything. If you business is linked in any way to the school year, NOW is the time to get your message out there.

• Fitness programs, gyms,

• Swimming classes

• Gymnastics schools, Cheer leading schools

• Day care centers

• Getting ready for fall with home improvements

• Check furnace

• Last hurrah for the summer / Last minute vacations and day trips

 How much does REACH Magazine Cost?

June 2014 REACH Magazine cover for Dayton features Air Show

The Vectrin Dayton Air Show

The June REACH Magazine features the Vectrin Dayton Air Show on the cover along with more details about featured performances on the back cover.

Why Does REACH Choose to Tie-in with Major Local Events?

We choose to tie-in with some major events with cover real estate in the REACH Magazine because we are a part of this community. This is also a benefit to both our consumers who LOVE REACH Magazine and to our advertisers who enjoy increased exposure because of the interest in major community events.

Peter DeMott, REACH Magazine, 937-478-6222,

Back cover June

Helping a small business to grow and thrive in Dayton-Lawn Mowing in Centerville

Helping Even Very Small Businesses to Grow in Dayton

As a REACH Magazine sales representative and advertising consultant it’s fun to be able to help even very small businesses grow and thrive here in the Dayton Market.

This small business is just looking for clients that they can serve. He is very focused on customer service and making his existing clients very happy, but he also wants to spread the word a little bit too. I thought I would blog a little about it because he got a late start with me an his ad will be going into home the first week of JUNE.

Ideally he would have talked with me sooner and his ad would be hitting with our May edition this week. If you are in the Centerville area and you need a very service oriented lawn care service, please give Brian Stafford a call at 937-204-7017.

We are about to close out our JUNE edition of REACH if you want to join in the fun of growing your business through focused customer service. Call Peter DeMott, 937-478-6222 to learn more about how REACH can help even small businesses in the greater Dayton area. First Impressions

Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine always has something for consumers

The January edition is no exception with the $25,000.00 Wedding Package Give Away

In the January edition of REACH Magazine here in Dayton, Ohio, we have a featured section in the magazine just for newly engaged “brides to be”. In the featured section there is an opportunity to ENTER TO WIN a $25,000.00 Wedding package of products and services for your wedding planned in the Dayton area in 2014. Last year over 2000 brides to be entered to win and that means of course that their eyes were on those pages in the magazine. If you want to participate in the REACH Wedding Planning Guide in 2015, just call Peter DeMott NOW (937-478-6222)

There are also pages for Springfield Wedding and Event Professionals in that zoned section of the magazine along with several bridal events which are offering special coupon discounts in their ads. Save on bridal shows, wedding dresses, reception facilities, and limousines or even an officient to preside over your wedding ceremony.

Do you know someone who is getting married in 2014?

If you do know someone who is getting married in 2014, make sure that check out the January REACH Magazine and enter to win the $25,000.00 Wedding Package Give Away. Odds of wining are determined by how many enter, but it’s certainly better odds than many other things, and there is no cost to enter. You just have to be qualified. (Age 18 or above and actually getting married – You cannot enter just to have a fun party for example).

$25,000.00 Wedding package give away in Dayton, Ohio

Look for your January 2014 REACH Magazine in Dayton, OHIO to enter and win.

Date Night is another feature we are working on

The Date Night page is not just another coupon, but it is a complete meal for two from some of the nicer restaurants in the Dayton area.  For example, one restaurant has One Appetizer, One Bread, Two Entree’s, Two Deserts AND a bottle of wine – All for only $45.  Using the reserve seating call number provided with each restaurant seals the deal for the evening for you and your date.

Wedding vendors plan on being in this year’s REACH Magazine Wedding Planning Guide


REACH Magazine will again be hosting the Wedding Planning Guide in the January edition 2014

Back by popular demand, there will be a wedding planning guide inside the January edition of REACH Magazine. The cover of that issue will feature a beautiful bride or wedding photograph and will mention that the guide is inside along with everyone’s favorite coupons.

PERFECT TIMING to get your business noticed by new brides to be

January is when many newly engaged brides to be start working on planning their special day in the coming year. This is another way to TARGET MARKET your advertising right to the brides, grooms, and their parents during a time when they are eager and anxious about the planning they need to do for this special coming event.

Last year in the Bridal Planning Guide inside the January REACH Magazine accounted for over 45% of all the entries for the grand prize of a $25,000 wedding package coordinated through The Events Connections here in Dayton. Thousands of brides and those newly engaged saw the cover of the magazine and explored the guide inside to consider reception venues, photographers, limo services, florists, and more. All other media combined made up the remainder of the response. Nothing was close to the impact that REACH made in terms of response.

If you would like to plan your spot in the magazine this is a great opportunity to capture the eyes of new brides and their parents as they start the adventure of planning their special day, please call Peter DeMott at REACH Magazine: 937-478-6222

Who might want to consider participation?

• Wedding Planners

• Cake Companies

• Photographers / video

• Travel agents

• Reception Venues

• Dress / Tuxedo

• Decorators

• Caterers

• Card Shops / Invitations

• Jewelers

• Salons

• Music / bands / quartets / singers etc.

• Chocolate fountains / Unique reception offerings

• Wedding venues

• Hotel accommodations

and more….























The key to good marketing is telling great stories

I love to tell stories

In my sales career much of what I do is tell stories about my current clients to my new prospects. Telling stories goes a long way toward helping people to understand how my product can help their businesses. But today, I am here to help you tell better stories in your marketing and selling.

I subscribe to a blog called Copy Blogger and they frequently have great zinger headlines and very informative articles about how to gain the attention of your prospects and sell your product or service without being a pushy salesman. I’d rather not be perceived as pushy and I don’t want to just spit out information about my product and service. I’d rather that my prospects want to know more.

So here you go. READ this and learn. Click on the link below

5 Things Every (GREAT) Marketing story needs



BNI Kettering Networking Chapter Visitors day April 11th, 2013

One nice thing about BNI is that there are quite a few chapters around the Dayton area. They meet at various mornings and perhaps some other times. BNI is a pay membership networking group (this can be a benefit as it adds some accountability to the membership. You also keep out your direct competitors with your active membership). You know that everyone has a commitment at least based on their investment in the group working for them. Everyone knows that if you give to others you will gain from them as well. If you are just looking for what you can get, the flow isn’t there.

Visitors day was April 11th, 2013 for the group and one of the members had invited me to join them for the day. They have a good strong base of about 18 members, but their goal is to grow it to the 40 ish level. The amount of referrals grows exponentially when a group can double in size. Here is a video link showing the meeting before it started:

Just below is a photo of the meeting as people were asked to give their one minute messages.


Visitors day April 11, 2013

Visitors day April 11, 2013

They have room for 40 if they make their goal. They meet on Thursdays each week at 7:30 A.M. in the basement meeting room at Coldwell Bankers – Heritage Realtors at 2000 Hewitt Rd. which is off Bigger or Whipp Rd. depending on where you might be coming from. Here is a mapquest link to the location: They also have a website here:

BNI is limited to one of each category (unless there is no overlap, for example there could be a commercial Realtor and a residential Realtor in the same group). Currently this group is looking for these categories of business to fill some openings they have:

Web Developer, Home Inspector, Pest Control, landscaper, Commercial Realtor, Photographer, Caterer, Roofing and Siding Company, Travel Agent, Electrician, Plumber, Painter, Chiropractor, Event Planner, Telecom Services, Marketing Services, Residential Builder, Windows & Doors Contractor, Carpet Cleaning Company, Sign Company, Body Shop, Office Products and Services. I am sure they have many other categories they would love to have. If you would like to visit the group, call the current chapter president Cliff Burst at 937-660-2218 to make sure your category is available and to discuss visiting the group.

One interesting portion of the meeting was when Tom Kavanaugh was asked to share about his long time commitment to this group. Apparently he is over 15 consecutive years investing in his fellow BNIers in this group so he has some perspective. Here is a video clip of what he said (you may need to turn up the volume a lot to hear it)

Perhaps it’s time for you to check out the Kettering Networking Chapter of BNI.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • Dayton and Cincinnati • • • 937-478-6222

Where does REACH Magazine RANK in Dayton Ohio?

How does REACH magazine Rank in Dayton Ohio?

This is a RANKER report showing how often people refer to various media in the Dayton market. It is a comparison using people who generally have more money to spend in the age group 25-54 years of age.

Although everyone has their audience segments that they might rank higher for, in this comparison using the Dayton market ADI (area of dominant influence), I am sure that many business owners might be surprised to find that REACH outranks almost everything in the Dayton market. Perhaps you are buying newsprint or even several radio stations or a combination of publications. Perhaps REACH would get noticed by more consumers with less investment.

What does this say to your business. First it says to have an easy to find web site which informs people about your products and services. Second it says, it’s time to find out more about REACH magazine and to see if REACH might be a good fit for you type of business.

It used to be that advertising worked like this:

Broad ad campaign —> sends consumers to brick and mortar —> questions are answered and purchases are made.

In today’s market advertising is starting to work differently:

Broad or focused ad campaign—> consumers go to web to answer their questions—>  with their questions answered they call or come in to make their purchase.

Does your business take this new way of shopping into account?

Is this the first time that someone has shown you that consumers LOVE REACH magazine in Dayton, Ohio?

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