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February 19, 2017

It’s not just hype any more, your online presence is important to your business


20 years ago everyone was getting excited about websites

The only problem was that in a community of 100,000 people less than 10% of the people were what we called “Internet Savvy”.

10 years ago, more people started to get their digital assets in line for their businesses

You just had to have a website for credibility.

Today, 75% of people will explore your business website online before making a large purchase

People are becoming more internet and digital savvy because of smart phones. Just two years ago, most phones were dumb. You could dial and call people in your directory and that was about all. That Christmas it was rumored that smart phone usage would jump from 25% to 50% just because of Christmas. Amazingly it was true.

Today well over 90% of cell phones are smart phones. They are run by Apple OS or Android OS and you can do everything on them that you can do on your laptop computer at home or in your office (almost). Everyone is becoming more internet savvy by the day. It may be time for you and your business to catch up.

So your website from 5 years ago doesn’t hack it

Consumers expect fast, clean, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly websites. Mobile friendly means you can read it and navigate it easily on a cell phone of small table screen without having to expand the type of the words you are trying to read. You don’t have to be at a desk computer to see they copy and find the menu. If your website is just 5 years old, it may not be what consumers want to see. And if they don’t like it, it can affect sales for your business.

Here is what consumers said

Forty-eight percent of people said that if a site didn’t work well on their phones, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business. (website Magazine / September 2015)

– See more at: http://www.websitemagazine.com/content/blogs/posts/archive/2015/10/01/a-match-made-in-heaven-seo-and-responsive-design.aspx?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter#sthash.VB7gY9aV.dpuf

Having the right website can be important to you getting noticed by the customers you want to reach

I updated my own photography business website to a responsive (read mobile friendly) WordPress DIVI website. It is much cleaner and more focused expression of what I do in my part-time business (evenings and weekends). Yesterday I received a letter from Getty Images asking if I would submit images to them and become a stock photography contributor. That would not have happened with my old-fashioned 15-year-old photography website. http://www.photosbypdemott.com

Are you giving your new competitors a Knee Up because of an outdated website?

So, if you are an established business, don’t give the new guys on the block a knee up (that’s horseback rider lingo for helping them get into the saddle) because you have an outdated website and they have a new one built to todays standards. With a small investment you can upgrade your website and get noticed.

How about a new modern designed, functional website that you can manage at a price you can live with?

At REACH Magazine we have been leaning, experimenting, and growing our digital assets for our advertising customers for years now. We have been investing thousands of dollars finding what works and what doesn’t for YOU. You don’t need an HTML programing team and thousands of dollars to build an up to date website. We now have an economical package to get you up-to-date with your business website. It includes up to 10 hours of website building to create a WordPress DIVI website that brings you up to current with consumers. It will be a website that you can manage without learning HTML programing. The basic package is $695.00. If you want a very complex website additional custom programing is also available, but we find that most do NOT need more.

We will show you how to manage your own website without having to learn HTML or any other programing language and we will help you along when you need it from time to time as you move forward. Then when you are ready or when you want to, we will help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AdWords, and other locally targeted digital marketing to expand your business through digital marketing. Of course I am also available to help you with targeted direct mail incentive marketing with REACH Magazine ads as well.

Website Magazine’s Joe Drury went on to say

At the end of the day, responsive design is a no brainer in order to provide a good user experience. Add to that a heaping of quality SEO and it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a virtual stampede to responsive site development.

– See more at: http://www.websitemagazine.com/content/blogs/posts/archive/2015/10/01/a-match-made-in-heaven-seo-and-responsive-design.aspx?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter#sthash.VB7gY9aV.dpuf

Who to call? Where to start?

If you want more information or even just a quick phone chat about your website you can click here to submit a contact form to me or you are welcome to call me just about any time at 937-478-6222 here in the Dayton and Cincinnati market. I can look at your website on the phone and tell you how it feels from a consumer’s perspective and go from there.

10906481_10205899616755372_8172936519914439271_n copy

I’ve been in advertising here in Dayton for 30 years now. I have a lot of connections that can help your business grow. I am a networker, consultant, podcast producer, website developer, photographer, and grand daddy. I’d love to help you grow your business. It’s something I love to do every day. Ask my clients.

Dear Peter,

I wanted to thank you for all your help. We have launched our new website, www.nextstepstransitions.com, three weeks ago. We did so because of your strong urging and encouragement. Our old website did not represent us well and you gave the push that we needed to have an updated, current and fresh looking website. You made excellent suggestions that we needed to hear and put in place like how important it is to have the right keywords in place to get clients using google to find us in their areas where they live. You helped me understand the importance to being on at least an even playing field with my competition. I now believe that our website is that and so much more.


Planning your marketing and advertising for 2014

Written Planning is one thing I see in successful businesses

I’ve been around the Dayton, Ohio market for some time working in Advertising with REACH magazine since it was first published in this market.  One thing that I have noticed and frequently read about as well, is that businesses that put things in writing more often seem to reach their business and marketing goals.

Marketing and Advertising for your business

Even if the plan is to TEST some new marketing and advertising venues, putting it on your calendar makes it about 95% more likely to happen. As small business owners our attentions are pulled in so many directions that things can easily slide to the back of our minds where they quietly just fall of the list of things to do. BUT, if we have a calendar and write some things down, those things can come back to the front of our thinking, “Oh yes, I wanted to test –this or that– advertising venue.

Put your subconscious mind to work for you

The other thing that happens when you write something down, is that your subconscious mind will start working on the project even when you are not. And at the same time, you can break the project up into some smaller chunks… For Example:

Try out REACH Magazine for my business

1) Call REACH Magazine to schedule consultation

Is REACH a good fit for my type of business. Do they have similar businesses that are doing well in REACH right now?

2) Find out when the deadline is for the March edition

3) Work with experienced REACH representative to come up with effective ad creative

4) Proof the ad and make changes by deadline. Arrange for payment by this date.

5) Measure results and evaluate program

Failure and forgotten plans and goals

Businesses that do not have a calendar and written plan typically arrive at the month of March and say to themselves when they see REACH Magazine arrive in their own homes, “Darn, I wanted to try out REACH Magazine in March.” By the time that they get around to doing something  it’s fall and their plans are shelved until next spring.

I use REACH Magazine as an example to hopefully tweak your mind about trying out some advertising that you have not tried before. At the same time, I am a very strong advocate of writing down goals and plans for your business if you want to become successful or more successful.

Staying close and on-track with your spouse

Even in my marriage, I find that having a goal book helps me and my wife know each other better and be on the same page together as we go forward in life. I have a nice blank leather-bound book that we write in.  Once in a while when we go out to dinner, I pull out the book and we look at goals we have written in the book. My wife wanted to get her Masters Degree in education. I wanted to build a photography studio in the barn. I have a goal for my sales in REACH Magazine. We want to get a new countertop for the kitchen and open up a wall between our kitchen and dining room.

Sometimes we look at a goal and we revise it or even remove it, but many times we put a big check mark by it because we DID IT or we put a date on it and start working on it more diligently. In every case it helps us to know each other better and to go toward the future together as a couple. So many married couples gradually grow apart not knowing what their spouse wants and desires. One day they notice that the things they wanted to do never happened and the person they married has different interests now.

The difference between a dream and a goal

It can be that way with your business too. Many goals never even attempted because you did not write them down…. gradually those goals just fell of your list like passing dreams. If you have a goal and you don’t write it on paper where you can see it from time to time, it’s just a DREAM. It becomes a real goal when you put it on paper.

I hope you were challenged to write it down. It will make your more successful. I hope to meet you some time soon.


If you would like to learn more about the unique capabilities for targeted direct mail coupon mailings with REACH Magazine, please give me a call. Peter DeMott 937-478-6222. I work with REACH in Dayton, Cincinnati, and I can also place ads in our other markets. I have over 25 years experience in this field.

How Much does REACH Magazine Cost?

Spring advertising in Dayton with March, April, May REACH magazine direct response advertising

Dave Ramsy EntreLeadership Podcast

I was listening to a small business entrepreneur podcast last week and I was interested in what this person had to say. It was an interview on EntreLeadership Podcast by some associates at Dave Ramsy for the Podcast (you can listen to podcasts free on your iPad or any smart phone by subscribing through iTunes or on Dave Ramsy’s web site).  I highly recommend this podcast for any small businesses in the area. I also recommend it for anyone considering starting a business.

Direct response advertising critical for small and newly started businesses

Anyway, the woman being interviewed was talking about Marketing and Advertising and explaining that for an upstart business, most cannot afford to spend money on branding and marketing their businesses. Huge businesses, national businesses can spend money with display ads that just show their logo, even if this “branding” or “display advertising” does not create direct response. But she went on to explain that new businesses and small businesses need customers NOW. As a small business owner you cannot afford to spend advertising dollars on ads that do not create business and customers for you, she explained.

Direct response advertising can build recognition while creating response

She explained that direct response advertising was the best choice since it can be helping people to recognize the logo and the brand, but at the same time it generates a direct response to the advertising message and brings people in. Generally direct response advertising is considered to be face to face sales, direct mail, and various forms of incentive marketing.

Look for something that is already working someplace else

As an experienced sales consultant for REACH Magazine (Almost 20 years experience), when I get an appointment with a business owner, it’s my job to bring examples of similar businesses that are currently doing well in REACH Magazine. Then we discuss a test for the business. Usually an effective test for a business is three consecutive mailings. REACH Magazine is mailed monthly, the first week of each month throughout the year. Next we discuss targeting the mailing to a specific areas of the city or perhaps to the entire market area. This will depend on the type of business and their ability to be responsive to the results they get from the ad.

Helping businesses to grow in Dayton and Cincinnati

It has been my privilege to watch several businesses start small and grow to be large enough to mail regularly in both Dayton and Cincinnati. Perhaps it’s time for you to become more knowledgeable about REACH Magazine so that you can make an informed choice for your business. One thing that surprised some businesses is when I say, “I don’t think REACH is a good fit for your business.”  When I say this (from time to time) business owners explain that they have never heard a media rep say such a thing. For me it is a matter of great importance. If the business is not prepared for the response that I can bring, or if I am concerned that the consumers will not be treated appropriately, or if it is a type of business that historically has not done well in REACH, then I do not want them in our magazine.

Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine

Here at REACH we care that consumers LOVE REACH Magazine when it arrives in their mailboxes each month. We want to maintain our reputation as Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine. If we put businesses in the magazine that they do not want and will not respond to, then REACH will soon become less Loved by Dayton consumers.

I’m always wanting to learn more, are you?

Listening to podcasts about running businesses and about advertising helps me to be a better advertising consultant for REACH magazine. I hope to hear from you soon.

REACH Magazine • Dayton • Cincinnati • Indianapolis • Akron and more • Peter DeMott • 937-478-6222 • pdemott@reachusa.com

Valentines day advertising in Dayton – Hurry Deadline will be here quickly

Our February REACH magazine comes out the first week of February. Perfect timing for ads about special opportunities to capture the heart of your special Valentine this year.

If you have a business that can benefit from Valentine’s day advertising, take a look at REACH magazine this year. We mail targeted zones as well as full market to 260,000 homes throughout the greater Dayton area. Ad development is included in your price for advertising.

• Jewelers

• Restaurants

• Florists (offer a cash and carry special and generate extra counter sales throughout the day without the burden of delivery)

• Hotels for special get-away packages

DEADLINE! Want to place an ad for the February edition: We need to reserve your page by 1/02/13. Yikes, that will be coming really fast.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com • pdemott@reachusa.com




REACH Magazine Dayton and Thanksgiving and Christmas Advertising

Early Deadlines Catch Some Businesses Off Guard Causing Missed Opportunities

As of today, 7/11/12 we have put to bed the October REACH Magazine and we are working on the Holiday mailings of November and December. Every year we have businesses that want exposure during the month of November or the month of December who call us a day, a week, or two weeks after our magazines have been shipped to the printer trying to find out about how to advertise in Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine.

What are some of the advantages of being inside REACH Magazine?

1) People LOVE REACH Magazine

They love all the variety inside the magazine and the value in savings that it brings right to their mail box. According to THE MEDIA AUDIT Reach Magazine has higher retention and readership than any other coupon magazine in the Dayton market.

2) Repeated Exposure of Your Advertising Message

Because people know that REACH is packed with value, they review the magazine over and over as needs arise. Time for a Pizza from their favorite pizza store, go to REACH and find the coupon that meets your need –one for the entire family, for a group of friends, or just for two. Or maybe dinner out at a favorite restaurant or perhaps the car needs tires or an oil change. Each time consumers look through their REACH Magazine, your ad gets more exposure, more name recognition, more familiarity and increased likelihood that they will redeem your incentive offer.

3) You Don’t Have to be a National Business to have strong graphics and full color printing 

Did you know that Hot Head Burritos started here in Dayton Ohio? From their first days of operation with only one store, they used full-page REACH Magazine ads to brand their product. They now have stores throughout the region and are offering franchises throughout the entire country. Many people thought they were a national franchise from the first day when they opened their first store because of the impression that a full color, full-page ad in REACH Magazine makes in the minds of consumers. If you want consumers to have a good first impression, choose a full-page ad in a magazine that they LOVE.

4) Expert Advice from one of REACH magazine’s Most Experienced Representatives

If you want some of these advantages for your marketing, please give me a call any time. I will research your type of business from our archives (Magazines published throughout the region) to see if there are similar businesses that are having success in your category of business.

Then we will meet and go over all the options along with my recommendations for your advertising in REACH Magazine. In some cases I will tell businesses that I do not think REACH is a good fit for them. No hype and exaggeration is needed to start a good working relationship. I will help you put together an an advertising program for your business based on my 15 years+ experience, and based on my research.

I will even provide you with additional powerful tools that can help you better manage your business like Call Tracking and Premium eREACH.com pages to provide online exposure as well.

So, get things started NOW! Don’t miss important deadlines.

Don’t miss the best target times for your business. Call me, Peter DeMott, one of REACH Magazine’s top advertising consultants. I will give you helpful information so you can make an informed decision about growing your business with direct mail incentive marketing in Dayton Ohio and throughout the region.

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com • pdemott@reachusa.com

Why direct mail coupon over other forms of media when the economy is faltering

valpak_envelope_targeting with direct mail

What are some of the benefits of using a targeted direct mail advertising program like Valpak or REACH Magazine?

1) By targeting all the homes within close proximity to your business you are focusing your advertising dollars on consumers who are much more likely to become regular repeating customers.

For example by comparison, let’s say you spend $2000.00 on a two-week radio promotion. The station broadcasts throughout the region to hundreds of thousands of homes or people in their cars driving to and from work. Only those who like that station are going to be listening and only a few of those listening will happen to live close to your business.

With that same $2000.00 you could perhaps target 30,000 homes, all the homes closest to your business with THREE consecutive monthly mailings. By focusing your advertising on this tight local market you are exposing your promotion to those who are most likely to become your bread and butter regular repeating customers.

2) When money is tight in your business it makes sense to put your advertising dollars into marketing that creates measurable results. So many times I hear businesses say something along these lines, “I know I have to advertise and I know that my advertising works, but I don’t know which part is working.” Well when you mail out coupons in a program like Valpak or REACH magazine you will be able to see tangible and measurable results to your advertising expenditures because you will be able to count coupons and see how much was spent by those bringing in those coupons.

3) Consumers are pressed in their budgets as well, so they are looking for incentive offers from local businesses. Although the yellow pages seem to be less and less used by consumers (it’s so easy to do a quick search on the internet to find a businesses phone number) having a list of businesses to call for a service can be daunting. However if that consumers says to themselves, “this business wants to do business with me and I will receive a $20 discount ($20 in my pocket) if I call them instead of all these other places, then guaranteed, even if I end up calling three different places, you know they guy with the $20 discount is going to be on that list. If the item or the service is the same with all three businesses, then for sure I will want the use the one that is going to keep an extra $20 in my pocket.

Consumers LOVE to check the mail. Consumers LOVE receiving incentive offers (like coupons for example).

Find out more about DIRECT MAIL COUPON here in the Dayton market by calling me, Peter DeMott at 937-478-6222.  REACH magazine is the Dayton area’s favorite coupon magazine* (*THE MEDIA AUDIT) and Valpak and the blue envelope is the most popular and nationally recognized direct mail coupon envelope.

Click her and consider REACH and Valpak as your read this Intuit Blog post about Valpak.

Digital coupons throughout the market

Both REACH magazine and Valpak also offer digital along with their printed programs. That means your offers will be available on mobile apps and online during your promotions. With thousands of visitors every day on eREACH.com and Valpak.com you will receive additional exposure. And because both of these companies have agreements with many other coupon venues, your exposure is multiplied throughout the market.

Back to school and fall fix up advertising in Dayton

September REACH Magazine Cover

Back to School advertising

In the Dayton market I have found that there are two strong months of back-to-school advertising. These would be both August and September. There are a couple of factors that go into this.

Last minute family vacations / the last hurrah of the summer

It’s a two-edged sword. If your business is recreational, this may be your last opportunity to reach consumers before school starts and things slow down drastically for your business. But, last-minute family vacations during the month of August take many shoppers out of the market for one or another week during the month of August. What that means is that your advertising may be missed by these families if you schedule it in August. At the same time those who are planning their back to school time and who want get in that last hurrah, those are still here when your advertising appears will be taking action to enjoy the last bit of summer or to get things situated for the fall.

REACH Magazine has about a 4-6 week shelf like in the home, so unlike radio or tv spots or newspaper ads that are all  here today and gone tomorrow, REACH magazine stays in the home for many weeks. Even after people come back from their vacation, they will hold onto their REACH while tossing other dated publications like last week’s newspaper.

Children’s activities for fall

In August and before school actually starts many families are planning which activities their children will be participating in. Music lessons, gymnastics and tumbling, karate, martial arts, swimming lessons, boy scouts, cub scouts, girl scouts, day care, etc. These are all things that parents will be making plans for in the month of August (if they are not out-of-town).

For the kids that are in the middle of their soccer season, their parents will be putting off these decisions until the month September. They just don’t have the time to get around because all the sporting events that their children are participating in. So, if you get good results in August, there will typically be a second rush from the soccer kids. Allow for late registrations or a second start time for these kids starting in September because of soccer for businesses that are gathering kid participants.

Fall fix up and home remodeling

September and October are the second big spend times for home owners to fix up their homes. Spring is typically stronger than fall, (March through June) but things keep changing as the economy sputters and skips along. In September and October vacations are over, kids are back in school, things are beginning to get back into a routine. Advertisers for kitchen and bath remodeling, lawn aeration, window cleaning, various home improvements reach consumers in preparation for the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Window treatments and decorating, carpet and flooring choices also do well now that the kids are off at school again. For businesses that are trying to reach consumers for various home improvements one key question will be, “Can you complete the improvement by Thanks Giving or by Christmas.” If you have the right answer you can land the job, that is why it is so important to get that adverting lined up for September so that it is early enough to get everything chosen and work scheduled before those key dates.

Home service businesses / Fall fix-up / Getting ready for the Holidays

In addition, since the kids are back in school, it can be easier to schedule things like carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, painting, and other services that can be gummed up by kids running through the house.

REACH magazine reaches consumers in their homes

REACH magazine can be a powerful vehicle to reach consumers in their homes when they have time to think about what they need and want. Two factors make ads more effective inside REACH Magazine. First a photograph that communicate the business or service quickly and effectively. And, second, a coupon that has “perceived value” by the consumers looking at that ad.  Why do I say, “perceived value” ?  Some times I work with businesses that believe that their coupon offer has significant value, but perhaps they add stipulations to the offer (must be used at certain times or there is a high minimum purchase required etc.). If there are few results for their ad it means that consumers did not perceive that they were receiving a value that had importance to them. In other words it had no perceived value among consumers no matter what the business owner thought about the offer. I have over 15 years experience in incentive marketing with coupons and will generally be able to avoid most problems of this nature, but not all. Sometimes a perceived value is based on the reputation of the company.  $10 off dinner for two at one restaurant (one with poor service or not so good food) can have no perceived value in the eyes of consumers. The same $10 off dinner for two could blow the doors off another restaurant if the word about town is that the service is outstanding and the food is to die for. When I consult with a business regarding REACH advertising, I ask lots and lots of questions to help them creative incentives that will produce results for their businesses.

July REACH is headed for the printer

As of last week, 6/4/12, we put the JULY edition of REACH magazine to bed. That means it is headed for the printers and there is nothing we can add or change to that issue of REACH magazine. NOW it is time to work on Back-to-school and Fall fix-up advertising in our August, September and October issues of REACH magazine.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be completely informed of your advertising opportunities so that you can make informed choices about what will grow your business. Now is the time to call Peter DeMott at REACH Magazine for a consultation appointment for your business. 937-478-6222.

P.S. and last of all, don’t forget that this is a presidential election year

There are many consumers that will become distracted and unable to make buying decisions later in the fall (late October and or course November) when the voting will occur. Even if you are very busy now, it is better to spend your advertising dollars when people are less distracted and will call you for an estimate or sign up for your service. This is one time when filling your business funnel early may be helpful even if you are already stretched.

The next big advertising push is Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday promotions

If you are not a business that benefits from Thanksgiving and Christmas promotional advertising, then you want August, September and October. REACH magazine is put together 45-60-and 90 days in advance, so let’s start talking NOW.

Win a 2012 Ford Focus from the Community Blood Center in greater Dayton

REACH sponsors Community Blood Center blood drive

Each year for the past several years REACH magazine has co-sponsored the Community Blood Center summer blood drive. Summer, when everyone goes outside to play with increased risks of injuries (motor cycles, ATVs, bicycles etc.) there is an increase in the need for blood for emergencies. At the same time, with people so busy and going on vacations and short trips, there is typically a drop in the supply of blood.

Win a red Ford Focus

This is why the Community Blood Center runs some exciting promotions in the summer. The promotion below is from May 29th thru September 1st, 2012. By scheduling to give blood during this time period, you are automatically entered to possibly win a brand new 2012 Red Ford Focus provided by Dave Knapp Ford Lincoln Mercury of Greenville, Ohio.

Get a free T-Shirt too

In addition the Community Blood Center is giving everyone a pretty cool looking T-shirt as well with the slogan, “iFocus on Saving Lives”. There are two different T-Shirt designs depending on the time period when you give blood. They are also subject to “limited sizes and available while supplies last”.

Summer blood drive in Dayton, Ohio

This is the ad that will appear on the back cover of the July edition of REACH Magazine here in the Dayton market. To schedule a blood donation call: 937-461-3450 or 1-800-388-GIVE (4483) or click on this link GIVE BLOOD IN DAYTON AREA

What makes REACH Magazine Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine?

Unlike some of the other coupon magazines in town, rather than putting coupons on the back cover and even on the front cover of our magazine, we seek to serve the community by using seasonal covers and local tie-ins of significance to the community and in some cases promotions like this blood drive. By keeping our covers clean and uncluttered with coupons, we better serve our advertisers because the magazine have a better shelf life in the homes of consumers.

Be informed as a business owner by learning what REACH can do for your business

Right now is a great time to be working on late summer and fall promotions in REACH Magazine here in the greater Dayton market. We have zones, regions, half and full-page ads as well as other advertising options for those who do not want to offer incentives to consumers. We also offer call tracking to show you just how much better REACH is than the other “we’re like REACH Magazine only cheaper” folks out there (don’t believe everything you hear – Price is not the most important question you need to ask a direct mail company. More important is to compare the ROI or “Return On Investment” for your advertising. To consider price alone when buying advertising is just foolish and can be a significant mistake.)

Plan NOW for your advertising 40-60-90 days from now

We work 45-60 days in advance of each mailing date with magazines delivering in-homes the first week of each month 12 times per year. Give me a call and I can do some research on your type of business and come by and present what I find to you so you can explore your options with Dayton’s most popular coupon magazine* (*THE MEDIA AUDIT).

Peter DeMott • REACH Magazine • Valpak • Housetrends • peter@photosbypdemott.com • 937-478-6222

P.S. I would like to try giving someone a presentation over the internet using SKYPE. If you are interested in doing this please give me a call so we can schedule something.

HubSpot offers pdf 54 Pearls of Marketing Wisdom from 26 top marketing experts

I received this from HubSpot today and thought I would share it with you. Looks like some great stuff, so here goes from HubSpot:

There are some days when we need a little inspiration. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the collective wisdom of leading marketing experts at your fingertips?

Well, you’re in luck! Download our new guide, 54 Pearls of Marketing Wisdom, to uncover valuable insights and trends by 26 marketing experts.

Download the Collection Now

Get this guide and you’ll learn:

* Ideas behind Pinterest, Google+ and social media ROI
* The future of web design and optimization
* Ways to adapt to mobile marketing
* How to create content that’s valuable, sharable and remarkable

This collection contains advice from Seth Godin, Valerie Montoni, Joe Pulizzi and more. Download this ebook today!


Working on Spring mailing of REACH Magazine, Dayton’s favorite direct mail coupon magazine

I just put the April REACH Magazine to bed along with two YoDEALS that will be getting free print ads with their YoDEAL offers. Now it is time to work on our May edition. SPRING IS HERE for us at REACH Magazine because we work about a month or so in advance of the publication and delivery dates.

TV and RADIO advertisers may suffer from political advertising running up to the election here in Dayton

If you want some exposure in the greater Dayton area in MAY, now is the time to call Peter DeMott at 937-478-6222 about REACH Magazine. With this being an election year, many prime time advertising slots will be taken on both TV and RADIO with lots of political advertising. If the time slots are available, they may cost significantly more to purchase between now and the election. Last of all, so many consumers get sick of hearing the political advertising that they just turn things off. With Spring just around the corner, consumers will be outside enjoying the weather  and checking their mail when they feel like it. That’s when they will start looking through their REACH magazine. Guess what! Targeted direct mail in Dayton’s favorite coupon magazine is still available at our regular rates and consumers LOVE to look through REACH magazine. REACH it target-able and measurable so you will be able to determine your ROI Return on Investment from your advertising dollars in REACH magazine. Maybe it is time for you to test direct mail in REACH magazine.

Hope to hear from you soon. Your marketing and advertising consultation costs nothing and you may find a new and powerful tool to grow your business.

Peter DeMott • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com • REACH Magazine • YoDEAL • Housetrends Magazine • eREACH.com and more

Incentive offer for first time REACH Magazine advertisers in Dayton Ohio

Being as we are a coupon magazine, it is only appropriate that we provide first time advertisers with an incentive offer to give REACH a fair test. This incentive offer offers real value and provides for a fairly short duration to give REACH Magazine a test for your business. Many companies have found that a test like this has led to a profitable and lasting relationship with REACH Magazine and the clientele that love REACH Magazine and respond to vendor ads in our magazine.

Even companies that have tried various other coupon magazines have come to REACH to discover that contrary to what was told to them, REACH provides a lower cost per sale than cheaper alternatives. We have call tracking reports to prove it. I will provide call tracking to any company that wants real and definitive comparisons of where their advertising dollars can be most wisely spent to generate better clients with higher tickets and more repeat business. Just ask me to explain Call tracking to you at our consultation.

In the mean time, we are currently offering this special for businesses new to REACH magazine: Just make sure that when you call you ask for Peter DeMott, or you can call me directly and we can discuss things right then. Peter DeMott 936-478-6222

REACH special offer pdf

REACH special offer in Dayton, Ohio

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