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February 19, 2017

Why direct mail coupon over other forms of media when the economy is faltering

valpak_envelope_targeting with direct mail

What are some of the benefits of using a targeted direct mail advertising program like Valpak or REACH Magazine?

1) By targeting all the homes within close proximity to your business you are focusing your advertising dollars on consumers who are much more likely to become regular repeating customers.

For example by comparison, let’s say you spend $2000.00 on a two-week radio promotion. The station broadcasts throughout the region to hundreds of thousands of homes or people in their cars driving to and from work. Only those who like that station are going to be listening and only a few of those listening will happen to live close to your business.

With that same $2000.00 you could perhaps target 30,000 homes, all the homes closest to your business with THREE consecutive monthly mailings. By focusing your advertising on this tight local market you are exposing your promotion to those who are most likely to become your bread and butter regular repeating customers.

2) When money is tight in your business it makes sense to put your advertising dollars into marketing that creates measurable results. So many times I hear businesses say something along these lines, “I know I have to advertise and I know that my advertising works, but I don’t know which part is working.” Well when you mail out coupons in a program like Valpak or REACH magazine you will be able to see tangible and measurable results to your advertising expenditures because you will be able to count coupons and see how much was spent by those bringing in those coupons.

3) Consumers are pressed in their budgets as well, so they are looking for incentive offers from local businesses. Although the yellow pages seem to be less and less used by consumers (it’s so easy to do a quick search on the internet to find a businesses phone number) having a list of businesses to call for a service can be daunting. However if that consumers says to themselves, “this business wants to do business with me and I will receive a $20 discount ($20 in my pocket) if I call them instead of all these other places, then guaranteed, even if I end up calling three different places, you know they guy with the $20 discount is going to be on that list. If the item or the service is the same with all three businesses, then for sure I will want the use the one that is going to keep an extra $20 in my pocket.

Consumers LOVE to check the mail. Consumers LOVE receiving incentive offers (like coupons for example).

Find out more about DIRECT MAIL COUPON here in the Dayton market by calling me, Peter DeMott at 937-478-6222.  REACH magazine is the Dayton area’s favorite coupon magazine* (*THE MEDIA AUDIT) and Valpak and the blue envelope is the most popular and nationally recognized direct mail coupon envelope.

Click her and consider REACH and Valpak as your read this Intuit Blog post about Valpak.

Digital coupons throughout the market

Both REACH magazine and Valpak also offer digital along with their printed programs. That means your offers will be available on mobile apps and online during your promotions. With thousands of visitors every day on eREACH.com and Valpak.com you will receive additional exposure. And because both of these companies have agreements with many other coupon venues, your exposure is multiplied throughout the market.

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